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A TRANSGENDER ‘woman’ has been crowned ‘Miss’ New Zealand. But it’s 2020, so you just know there will be a twist to this story.

And, of course, there is. The beauty pageant winner is Filipino.

All of which means that this year’s ‘Miss’ New Zealand is a foreign-born, biological male.

Could there be a more fitting result in a post-Truth world where nothing is ever as it seems?

The mandated response, as we all know, is to applaud and to tell each other how lucky we are to live in a world where people are so open-minded and accepting that literally anyone can be the most beautiful woman in the room — even a man.

But how are we to live with such absurdity?

We have resolved the contradiction by agreeing that if we all say in unison that a biological man who believes himself to be a woman is in fact a woman, then he is. Or rather: ‘she’ is.

As you can see, it takes practice. But with the help of woke media and LGBTIQAX+ activists who threaten to punish those who stray from the narrative, you can get the hang of it quickly enough.

And hey presto! Faster than a beauty queen can say “world peace”, the contradictions dissolve.

‘Women’ can have a penis. ‘Men’ can be pregnant. And 26-year-old transgendered ‘woman’ going by Arielle Keil can be named ‘Miss’ New Zealand, less than 12 months after reportedly paying surgeons $15,000 to create ‘her’ breasts and vagina.

Author Stephen King tweeted in July:

Putting aside the fact that King wrote “trans women are women” and “rational discourse” in the same tweet and ignoring King’s claim that stating biological facts now constitutes hate speech; the fiction writer’s aim is laudable.

Decent people wish only happiness for transgendered people such as Arielle Keil who, reportedly, has led a difficult life.

Arielle, who was born as a boy named Andrew, claims to have been bullied throughout childhood and thrown out of home when ‘she’ told ‘her’ parents ‘she’ wanted to become a ‘woman’.

‘She’ says ‘she’ battled depression and that ‘she’ had often wanted to take ‘her’ own life.

Thank God ‘she’ did not. Keil has now reconciled with ‘her’ father and is studying fashion design in Auckland. ‘She’ presents as a thoughtful and intelligent person.

But redefining reality in order to make people feel better about themselves is neither kind nor sustainable.

Tell a plump woman that she does not look fat in that dress and no harm is done. But tell a man that if he believes himself to be a ‘woman’ then he is, and you create all sorts of unintended consequences.

Insisting that biological men can become ‘women’ by changing their pronouns is certainly not kind to women who are stripped of their dignity in the verbal sleight of hand.

Such play acting reduces women to a mere costume; a thought in a man’s head. Surely this – not glancing at one’s watch while a woman speaks, as former Prime Minister Tony Abbott once did – is real misogyny.

Trans activists complain that to deny trans ‘women’ are real women is to cruelly deny their existence as people. This is silly. To say Arielle Keil is not a woman does not deny ‘her’ existence any more than saying Rachel Dolezal is not African American denies that Rachel Dolezal exists.

But it should seem rather obvious that to say trans ‘women’ are ‘women’ risks disappearing women – or, as CNN like to call them so as to be more trans inclusive, “people with a cervix”.

See what I mean?

And spare a thought for the Miss New Zealand runner up.

If she had spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery in an effort to look more womanly, she would have been derided as fake. But when a biological man like Arielle Keil spends thousands of dollars on plastic surgery so as to look more womanly, he is said to be beautiful.

And if you disagree you’re a ‘bigot’. That’s peak male privilege right there.

Life is hard and some people struggle greatly, for reasons the rest of us find difficult to comprehend.

We owe it to each other to be as kind and as compassionate as we possibly can. But raging against reality to create a world in which charity for our fellow man (or woman) completely overwhelms clarity about who men (or women) actually are is not the way to do it.

James Macpherson is a sought after international speaker with a background in journalism at the Courier Mail and Daily Telegraph. He previously pastored a significant church in Australia and South Africa. James' weekly Good Sauce podcast comes out every Tuesday. He also writes regularly for The Spectator.

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