The inyourskin Relationships and Sexuality Education program is the most recent example proving how radical gender and sexuality ideology dominates the nation’s schools.

Parents need to realise their children are being indoctrinated with bizarre and unnatural beliefs about what it means to be male or female.

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Instead of gender and sexuality being biologically determined and God-given, in pre-schools and primary and secondary schools children and teenagers are being taught gender and sexuality are fluid and dynamic social constructs and they can identify anywhere on the LGBTIQA+ spectrum.

The inyourskin program offers a comprehensive relationships and sexuality education to a range of clients including government and non-government schools, state and territory education departments and professional bodies including the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia.

Under the heading of Student Workshops topics covered include exploring the

“general experience of queer students (and) the harmful impact of gender binary language”


“taking a gender transformative approach… to develop a healthy and realistic sense of the ‘other’”.

While the program offers a range of less controversial services and workshops dealing with sexual violence, consent and the dangers of intoxication, the materials showcased on the inyourskin Instagram account illustrate how woke and controversial the program is.

Under the heading What is the Sexuality Spectrum? students are told sexuality has “infinite possibilities” and that everyone’s “sexual identities and orientations are complex and unique”.  When describing pansexuality, students are told an individual’s gender need not be restricted by “biological sex, gender or gender identity”.

In this fluid and dynamic world of woke gender ideology children and teenagers are told the possibilities are limitless as they have the right to choose between whether they are “non-binary, genderqueer, a Sistergirl or Brotherboy, genderfluid”.

When it comes to the question of virginity, those responsible for the inyourskin material also adopt a very woke, new-age approach.  Under the heading ‘Virginity is a harmful social construct’ students are told “virginity is not something that can be defined” and that the concept of virginity “perpetrates a heteronormative context” where the assumption is “gender is binary”.

Other examples of what materials schools are offered include: “What is ethical porn?”, “International safe abortion day’ and “What is binding?” where students are told “Binding is a process of flattening the chest” and that “Binding can positively impact on a person’s mental health”.

If programs and resources produced by the inyourskin were an isolated example of what is happening in schools then matters would not be as distressing.  If such programs were balanced, objective and based on common sense and morally sound, they might be of some benefit.

The reality, though, is that since the gender fluidity Safe Schools program was developed in 2010, radical gender and sexuality activists have targeted schools and students in their campaign to overturn the nuclear family and indoctrinate students with their destructive ideology.

The national professional body for government schoolteachers, the Australian Education Union, argues the school curriculum must acknowledge and celebrate those identifying as LGBTIQA+ on the basis societies like Australia are guilty of heteronormativity, cis-genderism and homophobia/transphobia.

The Australian Association for the Teaching of English tells classroom teachers they fairy tales like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, plus Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice are also guilty as they normalise the love between a woman and a man.

It’s common for primary and secondary classrooms to display rainbow flags, to tell students to use gender neutral pronouns like ‘they’ and ‘zie’ and to celebrate Pride month and IDAHOBIT Day.

Some schools go to the extent of inviting drag queens into the classroom, having non-gendered uniforms and allowing students who self-identify differently to their birth sex to use the toilets and changing rooms they feel best suits their new identity.

Ignored in the rush to overturn biology and common sense – men have penises while women have vaginas, can give birth, and breast feed babies – is how wrong it is to indoctrinate young and vulnerable children and teenagers with controversial views about gender and sexuality.

Misgivings and concerns about the medical and ethical dangers in encouraging children and teenagers to deny their biological gender and sex explains why medical experts and doctors in the UK and Europe are warning that the move to embrace radical gender theory must be stopped.

It is also wrong to deny the right parents have as their children’s primary care givers and moral guardians to be responsible for their children’s education regarding gender and sexuality.

It’s time for Australian politicians to follow the example of Ron DeSantis in Florida and support parents in their battle to assert their rights and protect their children.

This article was first published in the Daily Telegraph.

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Dr Kevin Donnelly is a Senior Fellow at the ACU’s PM Glynn Institute and author of The Dictionary Of Woke. He is one of Australia’s leading conservative public intellectuals, and has been actively engaged in the culture war since 1992. Kevin is committed to a liberal view of education, one based on truth and wisdom, and on Christian morals and beliefs. With years of experience researching, publishing and speaking on education, culture and religion, he is a sought after commentator in Australian media and conferences.

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