GEORGE CHRISTENSEN fights for what he believes in. You might not always agree with George but our Parliament is richer for people like him. We want George to stay and we need to let him know that by signing this petition.

George has fought against indoctrination in our schools, for the rights of the unborn, to legalise vaping, to free Julian Assange and to push back against bullying from Chinese Communist Party. George is a conviction politician that passionately fights regardless of what others think.

We respect George’s wishes to consider the impact on his family of politics. But we want to let him know that he has an enormous following and if he did decide to stay he would have a legion of supporters.

It is not too late for George to change his mind. Please sign the petition below to show your support for George.

Mr Christensen


With deep appreciation of your achievements in the Australian Parliament since 2010 and your significant contribution to debates around important public issues; we the undersigned, humbly petition you to continue serving our nation this way for as long as your constituents shall wisely choose to re-elect you. Your voice is one of precious few unwilling to compromise on Truth to appease the media and elites. Your ability and readiness to defend the sanctity of life and liberty of Australians from threats both foreign and domestic is refreshing and inspiring to millions who also aspire to resist the relentless assault on common sense. Future generations are safer because you battle for them. We cannot afford to lose your voice from the Parliament, and strongly urge you to fight on.


Your grateful countrymen…

Australia needs George Christensen in the federal parliament!

This petition is now closed.

Data Final: Jul 13, 2021

Signatures collected: 1,181

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