THE Greens are blaming their political opponents for summer.

Of course, summer happens around this time in Australia every year. But Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi says that summer shouldn’t be occurring and that the Liberals need to make it stop.

Noting that the harbour city was hot over the weekend, Senator Faruqi tweeted:

The Senator, who does seem to have had a bit too much sun, did not say what she believes local Liberal MPs can do about Summer, nor did she say when she believes that Summer should be happening.

It officially starts tomorrow.

Presumably, Senator Faruqi thinks MPs should take more of the people’s money while promising to change the weather by flying to conferences in Europe where they will agree to take even more of people’s money while continuing to promise better weather for everyone.

This junket can be repeated ad nauseam, by simply yelling ‘climate crisis’ on hot days. It’s the best Marxist plan yet devised to accumulate money and power.

But a couple of hot days at the end of an Australian Spring do not constitute a ‘climate crisis’.

Discrete weather events are not indicative of broader climate patterns, as we are reminded by the Greens whenever there are below average temperatures. But politics, right?

So Senator Faruqi, who seems genuinely surprised to be living in Australia, jumps like a cat on a hot tin roof, demanding the Liberals turn down the sun, because: hot.

That Sydney had temperatures at this same time of year of 39 degrees in 1878 and in 1941, of 40 degrees in 1946, of 41 degrees in 1982, and of 39 degrees in 1988 was of no relevance.

And don’t worry that Dorothy Mackellar wrote about a “sunburnt country” in 1908, long before Senator Faruqi or any other Chicken Little ever thought to run around screeching “climate crisis”.

According to the Greens the seasons are now Autumn, Winter, Spring and Climate Change.

Senator Faruqi aims to channel Sydney-siders’ momentary discomfort because of the heat into a permanent anger at her political opponents because, we are supposed to believe, they could stop Summer if they really wanted to; or at least move it to a better spot in the calendar.

But after a hot weekend, the Sydney temperature today is slightly lower than average and the overcast skies have ruined my planned beach day. So who do I call to complain?

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