Federal MPs George Christensen & Craig Kelly have today written an open letter to the Chief Health Officer of Queensland asking her to not extend her ban on and criminalisation of Queensland doctors who, in their expert medical opinion, prescribe hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of coronavirus.

Beneath the letter below is a petition which will add your name to this letter for the attention of Chief Health Officers around Australia. The letter says:

Dear Dr Young,


On this Friday, 2nd October 2020, the order you previously made under s362B of the Public Health Act 2005 (QLD), which criminalised the prescribing of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) by doctors in Queensland to treat Covid-19 expires, and we call on you not to take any action to extend this order.  


By allowing this order to lapse, you would bring an end to the unprecedented interference in the sanctity of the Doctor/Patient relationship. This has denied Queensland doctors the freedom to prescribe a medical treatment that many doctors worldwide believe is highly effective to substantially reduce the risk of death in Covid-19 patients, especially those in high risk groups.


In light of the growing weight of recently published medical evidence (much of it peer-reviewed) which has found that HCQ is; relatively safe, reduces deaths, and reduces the need for the hospitalisations in Covid-19 patients (when administered under the supervision of a doctor), extending the current ban and thereby denying Queenslanders access to this medical treatment, could be both a breach of Human Rights and potentially constitute ‘Crimes Against Humanity’.


In considering your decision, I also remind you of the principle ‘ Primum non nocere’ – First do no harm, therefore the applicable standard you must apply in considering an extension of this ban, is that you must be able to demonstrate ‘beyond all reasonable doubt’ that HCQ is both ineffective to treat Covid-19 and is so unsafe, that doctors cannot be trusted to prescribe it. Therefore, in considering your decision, I draw to your attention the following;


  1. The advice from the National Evidence Covid Taskforce, (that HCQ is not recommended) is substantially reliant upon the results of the ‘Recovery Trial’. However, this trial has since been discredited and debunked, given that patients administered HCQ in this trial were loaded up with an excessive toxic overdose of 2400mg within the first 24 hours. Further, medical experts have suggested that the reason for such an excessive dose, was that it was likely that those setting up this trial may have confused Hydroxychloroquine with Hydroxyquinoline. 


  1. Two of the most recent studies, only published last week, from North America and Europe have concluded that HCQ is relatively safe to treat Covid-19 patients.  The first study published on 25th September 2020 in EP Europace, a journal of the European Society of Cardiology, with lead author Dr. Alessio Gasperetti of Monzino Cardiology Centre, Milan, Italy and University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland concluded that, ’HCQ administration is safe for a short-term treatment of patients with Covid-19 infection …”


  1. Several earlier studies which concluded that HCQ was ‘ineffective’, have since undergone comprehensive detailed reanalysis, which have found that the original conclusions were not only in error, but that the data indicates the exact opposite, that HCQ is effective for treating Covid-19. 


  1. There is now a very significant body of studies that have found HCQ is associated with substantially reducing both death and hospitalisations in Covid-19 patients. All these studies can be found at this website. https://c19study.com/. And rather than detailing all these studies in this letter, I would specifically draw to your attention a meta-analysis study by Prodromoset al., which concluded; 


“HCQ has been shown to have consistent clinical efficacy for COVID-19 when it is used early in the outpatient setting, and in general would appear to work better the earlier it is used. Overall HCQ is effective against COVID-19. There is no credible evidence that HCQ results in worsening of COVID-19. HCQ has been shown to be safe for the treatment of COVID-19 when responsibly used.”


  1. There is no longer a supply issue with HCQ in Australia. It is well known that Mr. Clive Palmer has sourced over 30 million doses of HCQ which he donated free of charge to the nation, and these supplies sit ready and available in the national medical stockpile. 


In summary, whatever justification you have had in making the original order has collapsed and is no longer valid. As is often said; ‘When the facts change, I change my opinion – what do you do?’ Therefore, we trust that you will do the right thing by all Queenslanders and in fact all Australians and not extend this order.

Remove the ban on doctors prescribing hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of coronavirus

We the undersigned add our names in support of the open letter written 29 September 2020 by Craig Kelly MP & George Christensen MP to Dr Jeanette Young. We ask all state, territory & federal health officers to allow orders made which criminalised the prescribing of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) by doctors to treat Covid-19 to expire, and we call on you not to take any action to extend such orders.

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