Thanks to Pellowe Talk partners, I can spend time not only writing or on camera but directly helping people with direct inquiries about specific circumstances. This one was particularly challenging though, and that’s a symptom of there being a general lack of solutions in the community.

Since the advent of the misnamed “Safe Schools” program and other Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) curricula being taught in government schools, there has been an exponential increase in the number of paediatric cases of gender dysphoria presenting. Unfortunately, due to the dominent dogma and aggressive intolerance of LGBTIQAX+ activists for diverse approaches to therapy, medical professionals who believe patients should be treated instead of patronised are reluctant to advertise the evidence-based therapies parents desperate to help their kids need. They fear the bullying and intimidation tactics employed by the transgender agenda and weaponisation of professional associations and regulaters by political activists.

Here’s one the email I received from a single mum with a seven year old son which prompted me to call Marijke “Political Posting Mumma” Rancie.

A few months ago I starting getting the feeling that little Jimmy was questioning if he was a girl and so I asked him directly and he responded with yes and it was because he plays with girls at school rather than boys. I explained to him the concept of a tomboy and explained that it can be like that for boys too, that it didn’t mean he was a girl. But things have kept coming up and he starting expressing the desire for long hair and skirts and was just questioning his gender constantly and this concerned me because I didn’t know what had brought this on. I also starting noticing sexual behaviours at home and often retreating to his bedroom for a few minutes before coming back.


At this point I was pretty sure safe schools was being taught and I questioned him on what was being taught at school and his words in a matter of fact tone were, “there are 2 ways to make other people feel nice, 1 is to be kind to them and the other is with your penis”. I was shocked and angry and the only place it could have come from was school. But also it was the way he said it, like he was rehearsing something he had been told. I asked him when he learned that and he said he learns it in health. He has also starting saying things like, “mum, what if you got married to a girl” and “what would happen if I married a dad” (he sees all men as dads). He also came home last week and said his teacher told them that basically some people do like their own gender and we need to accept them even if we don’t feel that way.


We had an open classroom afternoon yesterday afternoon where little Jimmy showed us his heath book, his teacher prompted him to show me the ‘safe feelings’ worksheet he did that day in health which was all about how to know if we are feeling safe etc.

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