The great mystery of Covid will be working out why a nation that despises its political class and reviles bureaucrats knelt to worship at their feet.

Pre-Covid, Australians couldn’t trust a politician with a coffee order. Their incompetence, corruption, and scheming formed a permanent feature of their rule. We were caught in a pandemic of vested interests and absurdity where Australians were frequently harmed to serve the interests of ‘faceless men’.

Politicians did not become geniuses overnight. There has been no moment of revelation or change of heart – they are the same useless mob with a dusting of media glitter. We know our politicians are weak-minded airheads obsessed with power that fan-girl international bureaucracies and manipulate policy for profit.

So why – why – have we handed them the reins of absolute power?

It has been nearly two years since the prime minister and his state premiers assumed complete control of the economy. Look what they’ve achieved… We are on the cusp of the worst financial disaster in history, while at the same time they have created a genuine underclass of oppressed, victimised, and discriminated citizens for no reason other than to intimidate the population into compliance. ‘Enjoy the freedoms we decide to give you or end up like them…’

Are these the actions of ‘competency’? Australia has solved many challenges in its history, but never once has it dipped into the filthy pages of despotism for inspiration – until now. Politicians put down the trough of fear and Australia shoved its snout in.

Forget ‘herd immunity’, this is ‘herd stupidity’. As a nation, Australia has lost its mind and thrown itself into the arms of propagandists.

We wrongly assumed that our generation had evolved beyond the fear-mongering that drove last century’s collective madness.

‘I would have resisted if I’d been alive back then!’ people insist, while picking up the phone to report their neighbours for not wearing masks.

Our laid-back reputation has been exchanged for a society of snitches and vaccine-obsessed shills taking arm-selfies and proclaiming it to be ‘the best moment of their lives’. They shun relatives in favour of political leaders and offer up their children in service of the state while demanding that everyone comply with the new guidelines of paranoia or risk excommunication and punishment.

Civilisation has another name for this – a cult.

It is difficult to pinpoint how this cultural disaster unfolded. Politicians did not do anything particularly clever. Their propaganda was textbook at best; bombarding the public with daily press conferences, ads, signs, and excessive messaging in every part of life.

Chief Health Officers had the benefit of a generation raised to be painful virtue-signallers, conditioned to base their social status on compliance with political causes. Vaccine Passports are only the start for these kids to ‘prove how great they are’ compared to the masses. A full Social Credit System would suit their incessant need for peer approval. Their narcissism is not sufficient to explain why some of the nastiest and most devout Covid shills hail from the Baby-Boomers.

Becoming a government informant and compliance officer in a ‘global disaster’ gives individuals an inflated sense of worth perfect for those searching for meaning in life and provides comfort for the disillusioned masses who lost it. Suddenly, everyone can be a ‘hero’ from their bedroom so long as they present a vaccine passport and bully strangers on social media. It is the career solution for all those Nonsense-Degree failures who wasted all their money on indoctrination instead of seeking an education.

The one thing you do not require in a political cult is intelligence.

The Coincidence - a novel by Gabriel Moens

It is obvious that Covid propaganda is built on fear. This is not the first time that the government and their puppeteers at the United Nations have tried to subvert civilisation with apocalyptic rhetoric. The Climate Change movement – previously Global Cooling, Global Warming, the Climate Crisis, Ozone Layer Hole Terror, Resource Crisis – is built on the premise, ‘You’re all going to die unless you do what we say!’

For a movement with almost nothing to tie it to reality, the climate zealots have been remarkably successful in reshaping democracy into a sickly globalist vassal state. The whole process has taken much longer to reach the same tipping point as Covid, but now that it is anchored between brainwashed children and powerful corporations it will be a hell of a fight to extract ourselves.

Covid propaganda is able to present actual deaths to back up fear-mongering. These statistics are deliberately offered without context to inflate their impact. Covid deaths in proportion to all deaths with a full explanation as to why people died would not be sufficient to scare anyone into handing over their liberty. Instead, we are left with the ridiculous situation where one Covid death is the focus of an hour-long press conference and used as justification to lock millions of people in their homes.

It is not rational to be scared by this type of propaganda.

What we are seeing is the difference between genuine terror and manufactured fear.

The former is uncontrollable panic. If Australians were actually frightened of Covid, they would not head off to Bunnings or line up for coffee at the local cafe – and they certainly wouldn’t walk right up to strangers to shout at them for not wearing masks. Would they honestly go to a testing centre and line up with hundreds of other people who think they’re sick? Not if it was Ebola. They’d lock themselves inside without the endless screech of government health orders.

Manufactured fear results in compliance to authority. It is the ‘you might die’ threat which leaders drip feed into their propaganda, but never to excess. Those who follow the rules are promised safety while individuals who enforce the rules on others are given special privileges.

We could talk about the propaganda techniques used by the government during Covid, but you’d need to set aside the rest of the afternoon. What is more interesting is why propaganda doesn’t work on some parts of the population.

There is a clear divide in Australia between mass compliance and civil disobedience. It is not split along the tiny fraction of pre-existing anti-vax groups – nor is it a political divide. The CFMEU construction worker protests in Victoria have shown that resistance to mandatory vaccination and vaccine passports floods across political lines. The same is true of our overseas partners where protesters from all sides of the spectrum swarm city streets.

This has terrified politicians to the point where they actively lied about the social makeup and ideology of protesters in a desperate attempt to discredit their grievances. The overt nature of these widely supported lies is something Australia has never seen before. Politicians, the press, and health officials parroted an obvious untruth to protect their narrative. They did it without remorse and without apology.

Those who never bought into ‘fear’ remain immune to propaganda. They sit on the outside of a high-stakes gambling table, watching the social catastrophe unfold while in full possession of their wits. These people see the eerie repeat of last century’s dictators spiralling into despotism. Those who point out the inevitable end are screeched at with a Greta-style, “How dare!”

‘Three week to flatten the curve’ has become ‘you will lose your job, be kept under house arrest, fined, segregated, discriminated against, beaten by police, and jailed if you continue to resist’. ‘Rights’ are now licensed privileges, maintained via a subscription to international pharmaceutical companies. These corporations siphon off billions of public money without a shred of accountability.

Members of the press, politicians, commentators, and thousands of ordinary Australians fantasise about shooting protesters with real bullets. Professor Peter Doherty – Immunologist and Covid adviser – put out a tweet joking about loading the vaccine in pepper spray.

“Good grief! Do we have enough vaccine to put it in pepper spray? Great idea though…stay away from demos [freedom demonstrations] or you’ll be sprayed (or shot) with vaccine! Once it’s in, though, no way of getting it out!”

Are these the voices of sanity? Australia is being subjected to the unhinged slide of medical fascism where any crime against humanity – any abuse of the population – is acceptable.

None of this is ‘safe’.

In pursuit of Covid, Australia has become a very dangerous place.

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Alexandra Marshall (@ellymelly on social media) writes on liberty, philosophy and geopolitics. You can find her on Twitter or read her articles over at her blog. Elly is also an AI database designer for the retail industry, contributor to multiple online journals and a Young Ambassador with Australians for Constitutional Monarchy.

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