Drag Queens Are Not For Kids

Some people feign shock at the claim #DragQueensAreNotForKids.

CONTENT WARNING: Although every effort has been made to maturely avoid needless sensationalism, the following article includes references and links to adult sexual concepts which some readers will find offensive. If you are not an adult, ask your parents for permission to read any further.

The “Australian Adult Entertainment Business Awards” has the following categories among others:

  • Adult Party (e.g. Party, Drag Show, Swingers Party…)
  • Escort Directory
  • Brothel
  • Adult Retail Store
  • Drag Queen/King​
  • Fetish and Fantasy Provider
  • Male/Female Stripper

  • Transgender/Male/Female Escort

  • Porn/Cam Star – Male/Female/Transgender

Well on Sunday just gone the Brisbane City Council generously hosted a special event for little children in one of their libraries – you know, that wonderful place of learning and knowledge. They’ve hosted this ‘entertainment’ event several times.

Libraries are usually safe for the whole community having been purposed, built and funded by taxpayers: a place most parents would assume is at the very least child friendly and completely devoid of the style of ‘entertainment’ which has its own Adult Entertainment Business Awards category. This is not the case at some Brisbane City Council libraries.

The special event was drag queen story time, where two grown men were reading who knows what to little children while dressed as a hyper-sexualised, offensive caricature of a woman. The BCC website advertised the event as “ideal for all ages”.

According to some drag queen apologists and councillors, it’s totally fine – they both had a Blue Card. (For the information of those outside the state of Queensland, a Blue Card means the holder has no known past or ongoing police and disciplinary information or relevant convictions which would disqualify them from working with children.) So what?!

It shouldn’t be remarkable that exposing impressionable children to sexualised adult enterainment in a public building with the stated goal of normalising such manifestly abnormal and age-inappropriate behaviour is outrageous to right-thinking people.

The argument that libraries should be “inclusive” is no more rational an argument for marketing drag queens as children’s entertainment than it is for marketing any other adult ‘entertainment’ or people “dressed up” in black face as such.

This is the proof that drag queens are not for kids: the adult ‘entertainment’ industry admits drag queens are adult ‘entertainment’, a categorisation drag queens appear happy to agree with when taking their place in that’s industry’s awards night.

Why on earth doesn’t the city council know this self-evident fact? Perhaps it has a fetish for submission to radical fringe activists.

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