In a remarkable display of their hate for people who disagree with their them, the most powerful homosexual lobby group in the United States has threatened to punish the world renowned Johns Hopkins University if it doesn’t censor inconvenient science.

Apparently the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) considers it an “attack” on homosexuals et al if academics refuse to manipulate research in their political favour.

That’s right. Failure to conform to gender theory is violence, in their humble opinion.

Researchers from John Hopkins found nearly zero scientific evidence that people are born homosexual or gender dysphoric in a recent major study called, “Sexuality and Gender: Findings from the Biological, Psychological, and Social Sciences“, published in The New Atlantis, a non partisan, leading bioethics journal.

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“The science is never settled, okay? That there’s always another and better experiment, and a better study to do.

The claim that it is settled now, that the issues such as ‘born that way’, or you’re ‘fixed’, or it’s ‘immutable’… There is no evidence from the science that those things are correct.”

Professor Paul R. McHugh, M.D.

The HRC is demanding that Johns Hopkins leadership distance themselves from the study co-authored by one of the most important figures in American psychiatry in the last half century. Professor McHugh helped pioneer gender reassignment surgery at Johns Hopkins, yet HRC describe him as, “lacking research experience on gender and sexuality.” Maybe that’s because he also helped end the procedure being offered by Johns Hopkins due to its utter failure in resolving gender dysphoria and associated mental health issues (and nobody could possibly claim any credibility after disagreeing with homosexual lobbyists – right)?

HRC is promising to rate hospitals for “responsible citizenship” (a.k.a. conforming to their unscientific political demands), and they are threatening to substantially reduce Johns Hopkins’ Healthcare Equality Index score if the famous institution doesn’t hand over their academic freedom and lunch money to the biggest bullies in the playground.

Thankfully, University officials are diplomatically deflecting the wild punches being thrown by the homosexual lobby, explaining that they can support both the homosexual community and academic freedom.

Academic freedom is among our fundamental principles — essential to the self-correcting nature of scientific inquiry, and a privilege that we safeguard. It is designed to afford members of the community the broadest possible scope for unencumbered expression, investigation, analysis, and discourse.

The totalitarian intolerance of leftists, though, doesn’t recognise diversity of ideas as a virtue – hence their crusade to kill off or discredit any dissenting scientific study, even if conducted by scholars bearing the highest credentials in the field.

The religious zealotry of the Human Rights Campaign is observable when their cries of, “Blasphemy!” precede an inquisition demanding heretics such as these distinguished and gentlemanly scholars be burned at the stake. Their attempt to intimidate a world-leading academic medical research institution to abandon academic freedom in favour of approved group think is childish and shameless bullying.

Hopefully the leadership at John Hopkins will hold the line and reject the incessant bullying of intellectually dishonest lobbyists.

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