Jackie Trad celebrating the liberalisation of abortion and partying again a year later

The Queensland state government election is at the end of next month, and the differences between the two major parties have never been clearer. There are also increasingly bright alternatives in the minor parties right of centre for voters who are less motivated by pork barreling handouts and more motivated by the clear and appalling violations of human rights by those left of centre.

Under the cavalier leadership of Jackie Trad, the Labor/Greens government has in this current term of government introduced pro-abortion legislation which is impossible to hyperbolise. Sold to the unsupportive electorate as merely decriminalising women who feel they have no other choice, amendments to guard against very late term abortions, sex-selective abortions, and domestic violence coerced abortions were rejected by the Labor/Greens governments. This Labor Party also criminalised doctors whose consciences forbade them assisting patients to kill their preborn children with a referral to someone less committed to doing no harm to living humans, and made it illegal to pray quietly within 150 metres.

Labor/Greens clearly believe freedom and taxpayer funding to kill your female children hours before they’re due to be born is what makes a society healthy and successful, but public displays of spiritual humility seeking help from Heaven or human offers to help those frightened women who feel they have no other choice are an intolerable impediment into the profits of the abortion industry.

Of course, no abortionist is going to offer to support the mother’s journey of pregnancy and motherhood in the counselling they offer. The radically pro-abortion Labor/Greens coalition see no need for removing the conflict of interest present when an abortionist provides abortion counselling. Informed consent is impossible to guarantee when her counselor only gets paid if they perform an abortion. That’s about as helpful as getting business coaching from an business insolvency agent who only gets paid if your business dies.

If politicians wanted to offer a real choice they would empower women with multiple options, not just one. There would be funding for the numerous community services which rely entirely on volunteers and donations to offer ongoing counselling without financial conflicts of interest, information without pressure, and an ongoing support before and after delivery of their baby.

To be pro-abortion in any measure or for any reason is inexplicable unless one is either anti-science or anti-human rights. It is beyond comprehension any politician can sleep at night having participated in the taxpayer-funded, deliberate killing of more than 80,000 Australians every year. If there is any love of justice left in our society we must urgently make pro-abortion politicians as rare as pro-slavery politicians.

What policy could possibly be more important to a society worth preserving than ending the cruel, blood-thirsty trade in child-sacrifice?

I implore readers, for the love of all that is right and good, to make this the deal-breaker issue in choosing your preferred representative in state and federal governments until providing or promoting elective abortions are death blow to any medical or political careers or ambitions.

How do you do that? How do you influence the moral compass of a government so ethically corrupt it actually celebrates its blood lust? It’s actually quite easy if we just use the tools of democracy and the liberty which still remains while we can.

But that is not the only policy of abusing human rights promoted in the Labor/Greens coalitions around this nation.

Euthanasia too is a policy intended for this year but too risky with voters before an impending election. They are relying on the common short term memory and will certainly legislate the right for doctors to kill their patients next year, if they wait that long. As with abortion, they go through the cynical pretense of asking the Law Reform Commission to make recommendations. They have not really abdicated government to a committee though. They know full well that the recommendations will be just as extreme as they want them to be, but with the added bonus of being able to congratulate themselves for dissolving democracy and following the technocrats advice, the recommendations of unelected and unaccountable, largely anonymous, stuffed shirts.

Euthanasia laws, given all sorts of touchy-feely euphemisms to tart up the ugly truth, are a nuclear bomb solution to an abandoned building. Let’s be honest with each other, which will terribly inconvenience the nefarious agenda in such an important debate. No one wants to end their life. What is commonly wanted is an end to unbearable suffering. If we can be that honest with each other, we can start with agreement and work toward a sensible solution.

Being yet more honest, it’s critical to understand there are a mere handful of jurisdictions in the world which have experimented with calling death “therapy”. Ending life is not a therapeutic option, unless we are now dishonestly undefining the word therapy. I won’t go into the very complex and technical debate around this topic because there simply is no need. No jurisdiction which has liberalised euthanasia has not had unintended casualties. It would be the height of willful ignorance to insist passing these laws in Qld and other states will have sufficient protections where all others, having the same intentions and resolve as we might, have yet still failed to protect their citizens.

If we’ve agreed the goal is to end suffering instead of lives, there is a much safer, less reckless solution to the roughly 3% of deaths – that is all – which end badly. No one is suggesting cruel prolonging of suffering, or mandating radical interventions in natural death. If someone refuses treatment that is not euthanasia. Palliative care and pain management is incredibly advanced, and where people die badly these days it is almost entirely attributable to inadequate funding or inadequate training in palliative care. Both of these governments can fix; without making doctors killers or radically cauterising the ethical sensitivities our society should have.

I hope and pray that no follower of my commentary ever takes a How To Vote card (HTV) at an election booth ever again, unless it’s to help unthinking voters to vote for the candidate you’ve independently decided is best for your state or nation. Letting someone else decide how you should fill out your ballot is at best lazy and at worst social vandalism risking the kind of human rights abuses advocated by our worst candidates detailed above.

Here’s how you can make your vote count like it never has before. Now pay close attention, because you will not find this kind of advice anywhere. It serves no agenda, so mainstream media and political parties will not repeat it.

The first step is to make a decision that you have no loyalty to anyone but God. No party, no politician. If you don’t believe in God, make your loyalty to the best interests of your neighbours and nation, especially the most vulnerable. This is critically important to rehabilitating our dissolving democracy as it inverts the power relationship from being narrowly vested in those political and media elites who demand the right to set the agendas and returns it to the people. “Minister” means servant. A government minister is the leader in serving the nation.

Politicians are there to work for us. They get the privilege of office as long as they are competent and courageous in their convictions. We do not work for them, even if we are members of their political parties. They have to earn the right to represent us by swearing to fight for what is most important to the majority of first party members, and then voters at an election.

The voter’s role in this transaction is to communicate to the candidates what it takes to earn your support. As an undecided voter you can honestly approach every candidate in your electorate and interview them for the job. I say specifically “in your electorate” because you will not find the party leaders’ names on your ballot forms. We do not vote for Premiers or PMs, as much as they like to parade their personalities around in their campaigns. You have to choose which of the candidates in your local electorate is best qualified and competent to do the job they’re being hired for.

If they’ve been in the job, you may rely on their personal voting record to help answer these questions. If they deceived you about their values previously, fire them. Find a better qualified person for the job.

Your vote is not an endorsement. You’re not saying you agree with your number one on everything. Your job is to indicate which of these names is most likely to do a better job than all the other options on that piece of paper. If it helps you to understand how simple this is, number it backwards. Who would be the worst? Put them last. Who would be the next worst? Put them second last. You can complete your whole ballot this way, and that’s why it’s called preferences. You prefer your number one to your number two, your number two to your number three, and so on. It doesn’t mean you actually like any of them!

Failure to number all your preferences is to let other people decide for you. Always number every box. I’ll speak more about this in the near future, and have previously in videos available on my YouTube channel.

I found myself supporting a candidate recently from a party I wouldn’t normally find much affection for, but my preferred party’s candidate wouldn’t respond to my questions and the candidate who earned my support assured me he’d fight against pro-abortion legislation if elected. Being the only one who did, he earned my vote. Such a person, if the only one running, should always be your number one vote until there’s no such thing as pro-abortion candidates.

I know candidates who are anti-abortion but not very confident about saying so. They have commented to me that they have received great courage to fight for such justice by the number of people who ask about their stand on abortion, which many like to believe is not an election issue. Nor was slavery, until the world’s first grass roots human rights movement made it one. This is why your political education and involvement is critical. The real political power always comes from the grass roots, unless they are kept uninformed and under control. So rise up!

My final encouragement to you is to throw all your support behind the candidate, from any party, who you have thoughtfully determined to be better than all the others. Donate to them, volunteer for them, and encourage your friends to support them in all the ways you are too.

This Qld election at the end of next month is more critical than any other before – they all seem to be these days – so now is the time to choose to be an undecided voter, do your research, choose your own preferences, and help the best candidate in your local electorate win.

Dave Pellowe is a Christian conservative writer & commentator, editor of The Good Sauce, and convener of the annual Church And State Summit. He believes in natural law & freedoms, objective Truth & justice, personal responsibility & voluntary charity, strong nations & families, free markets & small government. His weekly live show (Tuesday nights) and podcast are exclusively produced for The Good Sauce audience, and many of his articles are syndicated across Australia and New Zealand. [more]

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