Sometimes it is best just to let some one make their case, and that is all you need to do to undermine their position. When it comes to the yes campaign for the “Voice to Parliament” all we need to do is just let the ‘Yes’ campaign make their case and they will turn Aussies off in spades.

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Australia has either the highest, or one of the highest, rates in the world of people being born from overseas living together in one nation, most of this is in three or four major cities. And we live pretty peaceably.
But still this is how we get attacked.
Let them amplify their position. It will turn people off:
Ex-ABC host Kerry O’Brien launches scathing attack on ‘racist’ Australia and the media over the Voice to Parliament at event with Stan Grant
Former ABC anchor Kerry O’Brien has slammed Australia as a ‘racist country’ and heavily criticised the media and politicians, as he promoted a Yes vote for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

Kerry O’Brien, best known for the 15 years he spent hosting the ABC’s 7.30 Report and anchoring its election coverage, on Wednesday evening joined ABC journalist Stan Grant on stage for a City of Sydney event, described as the ‘official launch of our campaign to support the Voice’.

The six-time Walkley winner – who published the Voice to Parliament Handbook with Voice architect Thomas Mayo – told a crowd of about 1,000 people that Australia is a ‘racist country’ with ‘racism in our midst’.” 

Whatever one thinks about immigration, and I have been very open about my view on this blog, Australians do not think of themselves as racist, but rather as welcoming and accepting of people from all kinds of backgrounds. And to a large degree that is what we are like. So, if the ‘Yes’ campaigners continue to attack Australians like this, then they are almost certain to fail to get this disastrous referendum up. Which would be better for our country. So, when they act like this amplify what they are saying, if you are against the Voice to Parliament, because this is your most simple way to make your case that the ‘Voice to Parliament’ is a bad idea. Because a successful yes vote will embolden and increase such attacks. Let them make your case for you. 



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