An article in today’s Courier Mail reports that “A high-profile LNP member has been suspended by the party for 12 months for criticising Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Meanwhile, Campbell Newman, another high-profile LNP member, is a frequent and public critic of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, but goes completely unscathed and undisciplined for the same category of offenses.

We frequently hear the hymn title, “A Broad Church” anytime questions are asked about the seeming lack of convictions and standards in a party ever drifting leftward. The “broad church” is now embracing hugely increased taxes, spending, borrowing, and debt; Safe Schools, climate alarmism, and homosexual marriage.

The “broad church” of the LNP considers it heretical to question its pope and priests, yet is faithless when it comes to election promises such as repealing laws against offending people, holding a plebiscite, or even continuing with the leader they preached would save us all in their campaign.

In the ensuing internal inquisition, David Goodwin was publicly burned at the stake because he simply wanted to sing a different song in this “broad church”. His song was about salvation from big government’s punitive coercion to inject babies with multiple viruses at once, as soon as possible. Heresy? Maybe, but that’s not an approved hymn, and this “broad church” isn’t so broad as to tolerate public criticism from its congregants.

That’s not in our hymnal,” the LNP bishops might have intoned.

If you don’t like our doctrine, you must simply chant, ‘No comment,’ or you will be excommunicated!

The Courier Mail reports,

The LNP declined to comment as it was an “internal party matter”.”

Mr Goodwin would not comment on the suspension.” [1]

Here’s what Goodwin had to say on Facebook back in March (although it’s now deleted) when he transgressed the doctrines of this selectively intolerant “broad church”,

He will not be PM after the next election even if he is when it is called. Shorten is one of the dumbest politicians ever but Turnbull is proving dumber. It is time to seriously consider switching the leader of the LNP to Barnaby Joyce as the only way to stop the current idiot and avoid the inevitable ALP/Green consequence of having put him there.

I would love to see the LNP and federal Coalition shift its fortunes and deserve the return of all those wandering in the wilderness of minor conservative parties. I’d stand and applaud the loudest and longest if Prime Minister Turnbull would repeal 18C and fight for free speech. I’d cheer and whistle if he’d not only cease censoring his own party members from criticising him, but also publicly invite the harshest feedback from people on his team.

If only Prime Minister Turnbull and his cohort of “progressive” a.k.a. “moderate” Liberals and Nationals would actually remember the famed “forgotten people”, instead of just the great speech about them. Then people like David Goodwin and myriads of other faithful conservatives could once again honestly say, “Amen,” instead of “No comment.”

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