The LNP – Liberal National Party State Council (delegated representatives of branch members) this afternoon passed a resolution calling on the Malcolm Turnbull Government to stop the $9.5 million funding for International Planned Parenthood affiliate Sprint, which was recently announced by the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop MP.

What you need to know about this…
1/ Council and Conference resolutions are not binding on the party’s politicians. This amounts to a signal from grass roots members which Parliamentary members can heed or ignore. They are frequently ignored.

2/ The recent funding announcement was just a top up. Ms Bishop defended criticism of the allocation by saying it was consistent with existing and long standing funding arrangements of profitable mega corporations providing or promoting abortions to women in undeveloped nations. We had already wasted 16.8 million dollars since 2007 on abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

3/ The State Council appears to have missed a genuine opportunity to call on the “conservative” government to stop all such useless and immoral funding with a policy similar to that which every conservative President since Ronald Reagan has had.

Credit where credit’s due though. It’s a step in the right direction.

Here’s what I had to say about this funding announcement nearly a month ago.

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Julie Bishop's funding announcement. She later denied Planned Parenthood America was being funded.

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