Hobart City Councillor Louise Elliot spoke with Ben Fordham on 2GB about being investigated by the Equal Opportunities Commission in Tasmania for inciting hatred.

Louise spoke at the Let Women Speak event in Hobart in March to declare her support for single-sex spaces to preserve the dignity, privacy and safety of females.

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Her supposed crime, according to the complaint she received, was to say “transwomen are transwomen and remain biological men.”

It is utterly ridiculous to claim that this incites hatred.

Louise stated categorically she does not hate trans people, and she advocates for human rights for all.

She also said she believes in the truth.

It is an immutable fact that humans can’t change sex. I have no concerns with people or how they want to present, the names they choose to use, but I do have concerns when it comes to the need for female only spaces.  

I have even bigger concerns when it comes to forced speech, which is what this is. If telling the truth can leave someone in hot water under legislation, and I have already invested thousands in fighting this, and then if it goes further to tribunal and I am found to have incited hatred, there’s even more thousands in fines that I could be facing, literally for telling the truth. To me that is completely unacceptable.

People need to know this is what is happening in our society. Whilst I am a councillor, I am a person, and this legislation applies to all Tasmanians and my understanding is all states have a version of this same legislation.

Indisputable and undeniable facts are not hatred.

Speaking the truth is not hatred.

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Louise also pointed out this is not just about women’s rights, this is an infringement on anyone who dares to speak the truth in society.

Louise went on to post on X (Twitter) the re-education paper she was expected to accept from the Hobart City Council. It is full of inaccuracies, denies facts, science and reality.

Last night, I had ‘re-education’ on inclusion and gender diversity. Here’s the handout. What a pile of hogwash.   POINT 1: If “gender is not fixed” and “not determined by genitals or other sex characteristics” then why are some people cutting off/out their breasts,  testicles, penis, uterus, ovaries, vagina and attempting to surgically mould fake penises and vaginas? If these characteristics have a role in gender, then why are they so desperately removing and trying to replicate them? So gender is ‘fluid’ while these often brutal surgeries are very permanent….

From my ‘re-education’. POINT 2: They claim that ‘transwomen are not dominating women’s sports’. What utter rot. Look around you! Every spot a male takes in women’s sport in an opportunity taken from a woman. It’s blatantly unfair and unsafe. To get to the elite level, people have to progress through the lower levels. We need a third sporting category. Get the men out of women’s sports. #SaveWomensSports


It is also well documented that social contagion is a factor in the alarming rise of children seeking to “change sex” despite the fact it is impossible to do so.

Children are not capable of making life-altering decisions, hence we have many laws preventing children from getting tattoos, drinking alcohol, driving vehicles, etc.

The claim that there is little evidence males are causing harm in female spaces, or are not “dominating” women’s sport, is an outright lie.

There are countless verified reports of males assaulting women in female only spaces and an ever-increasing number of males in female only sports.

The entire re-education paper reads as a poor attempt at propaganda by an ill-informed teenager.

To go through it line-by-line is beyond the scope of this article but it needs to be said it is poorly written, not evidence based and insulting to suggest truth should be sacrificed for these lies.

This is what Tasmania tax-payers are funding. Unbelievable.

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