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The Australian Defence Force will now allow males to identify as female if they feel like it.

This means blokes can choose to wear a female uniform including skirts, opt for female grooming options such as longer hair and earrings, lower their physical standards and be accommodated with females if it best fits their gender identity.

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The ABC recently featured Captain Jesse Noble who despite being male would prefer to adhere to female standards.

“I’m gender diverse. I’m non-binary, and I am going to be opting for the female uniform.”

Male dress standards in the army are stringent: hair must be cut shorter than 4 centimetres. No piercing, make-up or fingernail polish is permitted.

Captain Noble told their boss the female dress standards provided a greater range of gender expression in terms of who they were as a person.

He was given immediate interim approval while the request went up the chain.

In April, the forces command issued a new directive stipulating that gender-fluid, non-binary and intersex people could choose the uniform, grooming, physical standards and accommodation that best aligned with their gender identity.

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It sounds like going to work in the army is now akin to a fashion show where employees have the opportunity to express themselves if they *feel* like it.

When entering the army, physical standards are different for males and females, because biology, once upon a time, mattered. But now, you can just rely on your feelings and opt for the easier category if you feel like it.

Too bad if female soldiers want female only accommodation too, as males who feel like women can choose to be accommodated with the girls.

The ADF ought to exist to defend our nation and protect its citizens. Not everyone is fit to be a soldier or to serve in what can often be life-threatening situations. There should be standards, uniforms and requirements that are based on merit and ability.

This policy makes a mockery of the ADF. If a soldier is more concerned about his ponytail, nail polish and fashion statement perhaps a career in a different, less demanding profession would be more suitable?

Our enemies must feel so threatened, perhaps they will laugh themselves to death over our stupidity?

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