News reports say 52-year-old Marc Angelucci was found non-responsive and suffering from gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The investigation is continuing, and a motive for the shooting is unknown at this time.

Mark was featured in the famous documentary “The Red Pill” by Cassie Jaye, recording her journey out of feminism. In a moving tribute, she had these words to say in honour of Marc Angelucci.

I’m at a loss for the right words, but I’ll do my best.

One of my dearest friends and the most brilliant and good-hearted person to dedicate his life to justice for men and boys, Marc Angelucci, was murdered yesterday in front of his home in California.

I first met Marc in 2013. He was one of the first people I interviewed for The Red Pill. He had an undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley, a law degree from UCLA Law and when he saw one of his closest friends being physically abused by his wife and then denied access to resources because he was a man, Marc began investigating. He never initially planned on being a “men’s right attorney” (as I labeled him in my film), but his big heart wouldn’t let him turn his back on good, innocent people needing legal counsel. The more he worked on these cases, the more he learned how unjust the system was…

I honestly don’t know anyone else like him and that scares me. Who will carry on his legacy? His death is tragic, it wasn’t his time, he was in the prime of his life. He’s been working on so many important legal cases lately and I’m sure he had even bigger work on the horizon. I don’t know who could do this to him – and to us, because we have lost a real life hero.

I love you, Marc. I miss you. We will not forget you. Rest in peace, dear friend.

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