Trans-women’s milk as good as breast milk, says NHS trust (

It is one thing that politicians and bureaucrats cannot define the words woman, man or sex. It is another thing altogether when medical practitioners jump on the fantasy-feeling bandwagon and make utterly absurd and somewhat dangerous proclamations to appease gender identity idealogues.

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Puberty blockers are being used off-label and causing irreversible harm to children because doctors deny biology and make false claims that a person can change their sex. No one has ever changed their sex. Drugs and surgery may mask a person’s appearance but it doesn’t change the fact of their sex.

Now a cohort of captured doctors in the UK are claiming that a man who takes a cocktail of drugs can produce the equivalent of “mother’s milk.”

In a letter to campaigners, the University of Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust (USHT), said that the milk produced by trans women after taking a combination of drugs is “comparable to that produced following the birth of a baby”.

The hospital trust, which runs Royal Sussex County Hospital, Worthing Hospital and Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital among others, was also the first in Britain to use the term “chestfeeding” in place of breastfeeding because it is considered by some to be more inclusive.

In an August 2023 response, the hospital defended its claims, referring to five scientific papers dating back to 1977 and pointing to World Health Organisation (WHO) guidance and “overwhelming evidence” that “human milk” is better for a baby than formula milk.

It also references a 2022 study that found “milk testosterone concentrations” were under 1 per cent with “no observable side effects” in the babies. The study lasted for five months and no long-term data was obtained.

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Experimenting on children is never acceptable. Men are not designed to breastfeed. Using drugs, again off-label, to falsely mimic breastfeeding is not in the best interests of the child. It is designed to satisfy the male’s fetish and fantasy that he can be a woman.

A drug is required to lactate, such as domperidone, which is often prescribed to women struggling to breastfeed, and helps to stimulate the production of prolactin – a separate hormone that tells the body to produce milk.

Domperidone, also known by the brand name Motilum, was not intended for this, but is prescribed off-label by doctors, despite the manufacturer, Janssen, itself recommending against it because of possible side effects to a baby’s heart.

The patient leaflet for Motilium says: “Small amounts have been detected in breastmilk. Motilium may cause unwanted side effects affecting the heart in a breastfed baby. [It] should be used during breastfeeding only if your physician considers this clearly necessary.”

Katherine Deves summed up the situation well.

CEO of @NHSSussex should be fired for endorsing the exploitation of babies for gratification of male fetish

Artificial hormonally induced chemical secretions from the nipple of a man with a lactation/maternal fetish is not the same as mother’s milk

Disgusting & shameful – babies are not props for men’s identities

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Kirralie Smith is an activist for justice and truth in the public square who speaks fearlessly about the inherent differences between boys and girls, men and women. As the founder of Binary, Kirralie challenges the aggressive agenda to remove biological sex from education, health, politics and law, and protects children from those who would seek to indoctrinate them.

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