In a breathtaking combination of willful ignorance and defiant arrogance, multi-national mega-brand Dove has decided to celebrate Mother’s Day with a complete abandonment of what motherhood is by embracing whatever any mouth breather wants it to be.

There is no such thing as “your” Truth. We don’t get to redefine self-evident biological institutions such as motherhood. To attempt to do so is to demean and confrontingly attack the sacred bond between a mother and her child.

The clip opens with a young lady suggesting that people have no “licence to tell you what it means to be a good mum”. That’s a direct and juvenile rebellion to the fact that society has norm’s which are generally based around the best interests of the child.

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Then we flash to a white title declaring “Moms are redefining what it means to be a “good mom”“.

And there we have it: the blatant confession of the whole ad’s agenda. Redefinition of social institutions in a constant effort to erode them until only the State remains. The State which will then raise its children (because “family”, “parents”, “mother” and “father” no longer mean anything) with State values and State thinking. Anything deviating from State tolerances is then deemed hate speech.

Mothers, what this ad really wants you to know is that you are redundant, and anybody in any circumstance can provide an equal outcome for your child. Sickening.

The second young lady shown explains she “is just figuring it out as she goes”. She remarks how unwelcome and unhelpful the vast experience and wisdom of her baby’s grandma and great grandma is. Even as a first time mum her extended family’s interest and involvement is worthless – according to this propaganda from Dove.

And then in the fourth example in Dove’s masterful marketing of cultural Marxism, they presume to proudly place on a pedestal a transgender man claiming to be his child’s second biological “mother”.

Dude, I hate to be the first to tell you this – but you’re not a mother. You’re a father, and quite possibly an excellent one: devoted, loving, nurturing and protective. But you’re not a mother, and your kid doesn’t need two. He needs both his mother and his father. I genuinely hope you get some help, and not more people patronisingly affirming your gender confusion.

There are some great truths in this ad, but mixing lies with Truth doesn’t make lies true.

Let Dove know that you’re not impressed with their lies about Motherhood. Give their YouTube video a thumbs down and sign the petition below to say that men can’t be mums, a supportive and interested extended family is precious, and Dove’s erosion of Motherhood is insulting to good mums and harmful to kids all over the world.

No kid has two biological mums - it's basic science.

Tell Dove Motherhood Means Something

I\'m not impressed with Dove\'s lies about Motherhood. • Men can’t be mums • A supportive and interested extended family is precious, and • Your erosion of Motherhood is insulting to good mums and harmful to kids all over the world.

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