I’m barbequing sacred cows of feminism and cultural Marxism in this special Mothers’ Day (Australia) episode of The Church And State Show. Examining the philosophies of the quacks & predators behind the Sexual Revolution, to the current cultural weaknesses which threaten to destroy our culture from the inside, this episode needs a warning label for anyone easily offended!

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The failings and flaws of Western Civilisation could be its downfall; subversions of goodness and beauty which will destroy the very foundation upon which the wisdom of generations gone by built everything we now take for granted.

Critical theory is the philosophy that everything accepted, established and traditional must be inverted and destroyed. It believes institutions, not individuals, are responsible for social problems, and therefore all institutions must be demolished.

About a hundred years ago, corrupted psychologists and pseudo scientists like Alfred Kinsey, Wilhelm Reich and Sigmund Freud claimed sexual ethics were detrimental; and family, religion and morality were repressive traditions to be freed from. Reich even went so far as to claim better orgasms could solve society’s problems!

Anti-motherhood ideas like contraception, pornography, promiscuity, no fault divorce, government welfare and child care, homosexuality, and abortion were all normalised in the 50s and certainly by the 60s thanks in no small part to such psychoanalyst quacks and sexual predators.

Undoing that cultural revolution and restoring the institution of vocational motherhood will vastly shrink the need for and reach of government into our families. But that is a conflict of interest for those employed by government and nourished by our culture’s addiction to expanding reliance on government. You will never hear them say, “Let’s make Mothers more important in our society.”

You will rarely hear them advocate for free adoptions, income splitting, incentives for stay at home mothers or grandmothers, vouchers for school choice or home schooling, or multi-generational living as a more loving and economical solution for aged care.

The government is not interested in shrinking its services primarily because it reduces our addiction and dependence upon them, which is bad for their power hoarding. We all know the pressure they are under to sustain and increase the public service sector, which in turn feeds our culture’s addiction to the harmful drug of government welfare and services.

It is competitive consumerism, confusing the growing list of wants with needs, which demands every home have two incomes, but taking mothers out of their imperative primary roles.

The message being communicated to women in this culture is that the best years of your life should be spent in an office, climbing the corporate ladder and competing with men; and that motherhood is of so little value to society or your personal satisfaction it’s what you only do in your spare time.

Instead of celebrating maternity, society subsidises therapeutic interventions to prevent conception or terminate that life after the fact and calls it empowering. The message is that female fertility will be there later and motherhood should be delayed as an undesirable obstacle to everything else a woman could be doing.

Calm down – I’m not saying women don’t want to work, or aren’t fulfilled at least in some temporary ways by career success, and I’m not saying they shouldn’t work outside the home.

What I am saying is our culture has been existentially threatened by Critical Theory and its spin offs which paint the high calling and sacred vocation of motherhood as a prison and an oppression from which women should seek release.

In my opinion, stay at home mums, especially home schooling mothers, are the heroes of society and the single surest guarantee of saving our culture from entire collapse.

I can scarce imagine what would have happened to the United States of America but for the influence, character and leadership instilled into Abraham Lincoln by his mother. President Lincoln said, “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” Praise God she did not outsource raising him to the government, but raised him in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

No industry career is capable of such potent influence over the next generation’s quality of character, virtue and education, but a mother’s time divided is unavoidably a child’s discipleship diluted. Hard to hear, but true.

Imagine the beauty of a society where family was the central social value, instead of careers and consumerism. Imagine family, not government, was the first resort for avoiding extreme poverty when looking for work. Instead of unemployment subsidies from unrelated strangers, young job seekers should be able to depend on their family for food and accommodation. Japan is a modern, high tech society which embodies familialism, whereby families rather than the government provide the social safety net.

I dream of a society where most families are embarrassed if any of its members are reliant on government welfare, and take it as a sign of their failure. I hope that in the near future the average church congregation will be likewise determined that none of its regular attenders would need any government welfare. The welfare state has usurped the God-designed roles of family and church, and it’s time for us to take them back.

I understand that unraveling the rat’s nest of socialism and consumerism is no easy task. But it begins by having this conversation. An interim step to offset the burden of heavy taxation would be for a fair government which claims to be invested in getting people off welfare and empowering mothers to make offerings designated for charity by local churches tax deductible.

Government would only lose a fraction of what was still being entirely directed to social safety nets, yet government could reduce its costs by the whole amount given, if not more, given the heavy rates of volunteerism in church communities.

Motherhood is an indispensable, sacred vocation, and we should pay double honour to women who devote every waking moment to its duties and opportunities. Of course this isn’t to diminish mothers who have no choice or even choose to divide their time between work and children. It is an intentional barbeque of the sacred cows of corrupted culture and satanic lies which sneer at vocational home makers, wives and mothers.

As our culture has more and more divided a mother’s time with her young children, I find it small wonder our culture keeps degrading into immorality, injustice and government dependence.

The single best thing we can do for our culture and nation is to daily celebrate and promote the high calling of vocational Motherhood and the biblical model for marriage and family as the cure for a dying culture.

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