There’s A Desperate Need For Christian Teaching On Social Issues

One of the reasons for the “Church And State” project is to come alongside and help pastors and priests educate their congregation members in the intellectual reasons which confirm the blessings in the laws of God.
These spiritual laws held no confusion or ambiguity a century or more ago, yet seem to have become clouded by worldly wisdom in the last 5 minutes of Church history.
And apparently that help is badly needed. A profound ignorance of the facts of the harms of homosexuality and God’s Word regarding it seems to be widespread amongst “religious” people.
Most Religious Americans Support Same Sex Marriage
Aaron Bandler writes for The Daily Wire, “A new poll shows that most religious Americans support same-sex marriage and are against policies that allow businesses to deny services based on their religious beliefs.”
Samuel Smith writes for The Christian Post, “The data, which has an error margin of less than 1 percentage point, finds that the majority of only three religious demographics — white evangelical Protestants, Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses — said they oppose “allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally.” “
Yet even amongst the most conservative religious flavours, at least 1 in 4 members still persist under the illusion that homosexual marriage would be a positive step forward for society!
Surely every pastor must be horrified at this gross ignorance of the Word of God. Yet what to do? Sweep it under the rug and as long as nobody’s actively heretical, leave it be? Risk offending them with Truth and inadvertantly cause them to leave for another congregation where they won’t be challenged, taking their tithes with them?
Is “politics” even the biggest battle pastors have to fight? Is that the hill they want to die on?
So here we are. Feel free to shoot the messenger if it helps you start the awkward conversation. This way we can avoid the conversation on Sundays, and examine the facts on weekdays.
One thing is abundantly clear though – God was right when He said, “Where there is no vision [revelation], the people perish [cast off restraint].” Proverbs 29:18
Screen grab: PRRI

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