The sneaky moves by the NSW Government to legalise full term abortion on demand had nothing to do with the Minister for Transport Andrew Constance MP deeming a bus ad with the words “A heart beats at 4 weeks” as “appalling” and having it hastily censored from all government-owned buses, if we’re to believe him.

No: his letter to Emily’s Voice, dated 29 July, includes his explanation that the ad contained “material which has the potential to be distressing to the public, particularly school students“. Except the ad contravened no advertising guidelines and went through all the usual approval processes. Is this politician lying? Not at all!

It appears the NSW public education system is failed, breeding a generation of intellectual shut-ins who will melt into puddles of quivering distress when presented with elements reasonable people call essential to an education: science, biology and anatomy. Other members of the public might be discovered huddled in the fetal position after driving by such a billboard, if only they knew what a fetus was after 12 years of taxpayer funded education.

It may also explain why there’s some confusion over doctors’ ability to maliciously “assign a gender” at birth.

It’s becoming abundantly clear that NSW might as well have elected a majority of radical Greens to the Parliament given the extreme anti-human, post-Truth agenda of this government led by Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

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Killing innocent living humans at any stage for any reason must not be legalised!

To the Premier of NSW, Gladys Berejiklian, and Minister of Health, Brad Hazzard -

The voters of New South Wales need to be permitted a public conversation about liberalising abortion laws. Rushing legislation through after only consulting pro abortion lobby groups and hoping voters forget before the next election is cynical and disrespectful of the electorate.

Please accept my signature below as feedback that I am opposed to the intentional killing of innocent living humans at any stage of life, which 96% of scientists agree begins at fertilisation.

Even the name of the proposed legislation, \"Reproductive Health Reform Bill 2019\", is misleading and deceptive given that a new and unique human has already been reproduced. The intended outcome of the procedure legalised by the bill is nothing less than the fatal destruction of that new life. Such a patent violation of fundamental human rights is beneath an enlightened and civilised society, and will certainly change my vote at the next election.

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