Here’s the first thing we can fix about our immigration laws. It’s a no-brainer, really.

If you’re a refugee here, or any other kind of non-citizen immigrant, don’t break the law. Any law.

It’s not hard. Most refugees and immigrants and citizens have no problem with this concept, and never get in any trouble with the law.

And here’s what happens if this is too hard a concept for you…

Bye bye!

Go back where you came from, or go somewhere else. We don’t care. You’ve proved beyond all reasonable doubt you are incapable of grasping the concept of civil society. Therefore you have forever forfeited all privileges (correct, they’re not rights) to stay in this great, safe, peaceful, law-abiding culture. You took our hospitality and generosity for granted, and now you don’t get any more.

If you’re fleeing a terrible place to live, you don’t have a God-given right to make Australia a terrible place to live.

Here’s an example of how this blindingly obvious policy for the cohesion and cultural stability of Australia has been failed by successive governments.

“Counter-terrorism investigators are now attempting to fill in the gaps about Khayre’s activities in the six months since his release from a Victorian prison over an aggravated burglary he committed while high on the drug ice in 2012.


Khayre, who was born in Somalia but spent some time in a Kenyan refugee camp before moving to Australia with his grandparents as a child, was well known to police and had an extensive criminal history.


His parents came to Australia in 2012 but a court heard his relationship with them was a difficult one.


In 2007 he was sentenced to two years in a youth justice centre for more than 40 charges of burglary, theft, assault and resisting arrest.”


“In 2009 Khayre was charged, along with four other men, with conspiring to do acts in preparation for or planning a terrorist act in relation to a plot to attack Holsworthy Army base in New South Wales.


He was alleged to have to travelled to Somalia in order to obtain a fatwa, or permission from a Muslim cleric, for the attack.” – ABC News

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