The common sense section of society need to get better at inventing hashtags fast! It is incredible how powerful a hashtag can be in today’s age to incite change. The left have wielded the power of the hashtag expertly. They are incrementally and almost imperceptibly transforming society and moulding it into the emerging paradigm of victims versus oppressors, of conformity, categorisation and control.

The left’s latest trophy is the Oscars after pressure was brought to bear on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences through the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite created in 2015. It became a particularly powerful weapon, seemingly gaining legitimacy when only white actors happened to be nominated for Oscars over the last two years.  

This week the Academy announced its plan to implement ‘representation and inclusion standards’ from 2024. A film must meet at least two out of four of these standards to even be eligible to be nominated for an Oscar.

And what are these standards? Either a significant actor must be a non-white person, or the storyline, creative leadership, technical crew, trainees, studio executives or ensemble cast must have a minimum number of people being female, non-white people, LGBTIQAX+ or people with disabilities.

Interestingly, international feature films do not need to comply with these standards. So a non-English speaking all white cast is permissible, or even an all Asian production, just not if that film is made in a predominantly white, English speaking country.

Once again, the left have successfully ushered in a highly controlled standard to limit the so-called ‘privileged white Anglophonic oppressors’ and another for all the rest of us who are apparently their ‘victims’.

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Karina Okotel is a former Vice President of both the Federal and Victorian Divisions of the Liberal Party. She currently lectures post-graduate Law students at The College of Law and previously worked as a Senior Civil Lawyer at Victoria Legal Aid as well as in community law and the international aid sector. Karina has volunteered extensively both locally and overseas on the Thai-Myanmar border and in Uganda where she met her husband.

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