the SCANDAL of male suicide

It must be a day ending in a ‘y’ because people are outraged again. The story goes like this…

Bridget Clinch and her five-year-old child were reportedly walking in the north Brisbane suburb of Alderley last Tuesday when they saw a police vehicle in a compound.

On the side of the vehicle is a Queensland government anti-alcohol campaign from 2007.

the SCANDAL of male suicide

Bridget was apparently so outraged she walked past the compound again last week, saw the vehicle was still there, took a photo, posted it on Twitter. And with that, the world burst into flames.

“I was just in shock,” said Clinch. “It was very victim-blaming. I now know it’s an old campaign, but it’s weird that the car is still sitting there and police haven’t gotten rid of it.”

What, like burning books?

If this ad campaign is offensive, then society has gone backwards.

The first image shows a woman at what looks like a bar, with the text “9pm leggy“. It’s an image and text that at least five zillion women’s magazines would have run, let alone men’s mags.

“Leggy” is an adjective to describe a woman with attractive long legs. “Legs 11” is a bingo call, so presumably now that’s illegal too?

On the second image, the woman is unconscious on the ground, with the text “2am legless“.

Underneath it says, “Know your limits“, but apparently in 2020, women no longer need to know their limits because all responsibility has been extracted from their lives.

Women, apparently, no longer need to drink responsibly or with care – and don’t you dare try to suggest otherwise.

Women, presumably, don’t need to worry about doing something they may regret either, which happens to be a common consequence of excessive alcohol consumption.


Because “victim blaming” has been adopted by left feminists who now insist that a woman’s behaviour if she has consumed excessive alcohol is all a man’s fault.

Clever this ‘equality’ stuff, isn’t it?

The woman continued, “There’s so much stuff going on at the moment, police should be doing everything they can to be part of the community.”

Is warning women to “know your limits” not being a responsible part of the community any more?

Oh, I’m sorry, the police don’t deserve any respect because they’re all racist, misogynistic thugs and an old ad from 2007 confirms that?
Interestingly, the article in Sydney Morning Herald quotes Daile Kelleher, chief executive of “Children by Choice”, a Brisbane-based organisation that “provides information on unplanned pregnancy options”, which is a fancy and presumably less offensive way of saying “abortions”.

“It’s no wonder women aren’t able to feel comfortable to report sexual assaults and rape to police,” she said. “It’s such a victim-blaming image that perpetuates the myth that if women drink too much, whatever happens, it’s their own fault. To see that on a police vehicle – regardless or whether it’s still on the streets or not – is problematic.”

But women not knowing their limits, drinking too much, having casual sex and then choosing to have an abortion to erase their “mistake” is not “problematic”?

For goodness’ sake, women — this is not progress!

Corrine Barraclough has a journalism career spanning 20 years, including senior positions at national magazines in London, New York & Sydney. She embraced the whirlwind of celebrity and entertainment journalism and the heady lifestyle that went with it before walking away from it all to live on the Gold Coast and pursue a balanced life.

The Corrine Barraclough Show discusses family law, its impact on mental health and the damage of the gender-bias in mainstream media.

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