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I was on the way home from kinder drop off Friday morning when a friend sent me a text, “You’re mentioned in an ABC article. I’m assuming you’ve seen it?”

I hadn’t because I don’t read anything from the ABC anymore, and I was focused on settling my youngest child back into kinder (after many months of not being allowed due to almost 0% chance of him dying from COVID-19 and Victorians being under house arrest for over 6 months).

So she sent me the link.

I was quite surprised to read the article as it has been quite some time since the ABC have done a feature on me. The first time it happened I was horrified, but when it happens now I am grateful for the free advertising as it always brings new supporters to my blog. I still find it a little astonishing how a ‘mum from the burbs’ can feature in so many articles published by the ABC, The Age and other mainstream media for agitating on social media against the current political climate. This article featured me alongside a former Prime Minister and the leader of the free world so I felt I was at least in good company.

Interestingly, they have had their sights set on me since I first exposed the falsely named “Safe Schools” program, providing evidence and facts that proved my claims. I also alerted fellow Australians about the rise of transgender activism and was mercilessly mocked for my warnings. Now many Australians can see that we had every reason to be concerned with an aggressive push for gender neutral bathrooms and gender fluid birth certificates now legislated here in Victoria. I continued lobbying as I uncovered more.

I exposed the attack on our culture, family, faith and freedom, through cultural Marxism. At the time many Australians were unaware of how entrenched this political ideology had become.

Having been one of the five mums who also dared speak up for the “No” campaign regarding the undefinition of marriage, you can imagine why their disdain for me is real. I knew that changing the definition of a family was a Trojan horse to bring in other things. I was always interested in speaking up for children and against the sexualisation of kids.

I was recently sent the following message:

“I’ll be honest here. I have never agreed with anything much you have posted. UNTIL NOW! That last post was spot on. I believe everything that you wrote. I have been looking into a lot lately. And when I look back at some of the things you have posted over the years that I didn’t agree with. I think you were right there too. It has opened so many doors.”

Many are starting to wake up to fact that things are not always as they seem.

The fact is when President Trump started talking about “fake news” many of us had already started understanding what he was saying. It is becoming more and more evident to the silent majority that the mainstream media are no longer for the people and are indeed now activists for the globalist cause.

There was a time when journalists presented facts in a non-partisan way. This seems to no longer be the case, which is why the term “do your own research” is so prevalent. Independently researching evidence is now crucial as we simply cannot rely on the research provided, because it is published through a political filter! That is not journalism. It’s political activism and it’s long past time to call it out for what it is.

The truth is, I am still quite simply a ‘mummy blogger’ who has become a political pundit. I am very transparent about my political views and leanings. What I share is so often a counter-narrative to the mainstream; and it is this which is problematic. As one of my commenters recently posted:

“You’re watching totalitarianism play out. There is only one narrative and the party must maintain control of the narrative at all costs.”

He is spot on.

The ABC’s article entitled Why you shouldn’t believe those social media posts about the ‘true’ COVID-19 death rate is problematic for many reasons.

The fact is statistics have and do get manipulated for political purposes. The fact is COVID-19 is far less of an issue for those without comorbidities and yet this truth is rarely, if ever, mentioned. Daily reports are rarely given in context. For example, stat’s given to frighten us include those who are in palliative care who test positive for Coronavirus, or those who are in their 100s who die with COVID–19. The average life span in Australia for men is 80.7 and for women is 84.9 if born in 2016 -2018. #GoneTooSoon

The ABC claims:

“The page of the report cited in the post does not refer to COVID-19 deaths. Rather, it discusses COVID-19 cases admitted to Australian hospitals, either in general wards or intensive care units.”

The report does in fact talk about deaths – deaths in hospital. That is where the data comes from. One could only presume that there are very few places where people would have died with or from COVID-19 other than hospitals. The likely only other possibility is in a nursing home after having been returned presumably after a hospital diagnosis, in which case there are almost always comorbidities as people don’t go into nursing homes unless there is a health issue.

The report reflects the reality that, if you catch the Wuhan flu, you have less than a 10% chance of dying, either from or with, COVID-19 if you have no comorbidities. This is the population average, but that chance is even further reduced if you are under 70. The CDC data (which was ‘fact checked’ by the Australian government) is actually quite comprehensive and agrees:

“Higher disease severity, as indicated by hospitalisation, admission to ICU, and death, has been associated with increased age and comorbidities.” (p13)

Here is the report. The ABC claims I have misrepresented its findings. Page 14 is where I confirmed the fact that only 9% of registered COVID-19 deaths had no other contributing cause of death – comorbidity:

“Comorbidities were common in those COVID19 cases admitted to Australian sentinel hospitals (general ward or ICU), with 78% recording
at least one of the specified comorbidities; only 9% recorded no comorbidity. The proportion of hospitalised cases with no known comorbidity recorded in U.S hospital surveillance system COVID-NET was also reportedly 9%.”

If anything, the ‘fact checkers’ are seemingly trying to discredit my post by twisting and distorting what the original meme said, albeit a little clumsily.

But who exactly are these RMIT so called ‘fact checkers’? What makes them perfect? Their only ‘evidence’ is a spokesman for the US Centers for Disease Control. Their names & sources are opaque. The transparency of these self-proclaimed ‘fact checkers’ leaves a lot to be desired. What are their political leanings and biases?

You see, the fact is, anyone can cherry pick statistics and data to support their preferred conclusions, and sometimes people need to take the beam out of their own eyes before helping others with a speck. If you are caught manipulating statistics for your own narrative, and that data is not provided in context — like I did — then people will start to question and do their own research — like I did.

The research I have found as a mummy blogger turned citizen journalist has been quite alarming and I know that I am not alone in having concerns with the current preferred narrative and justification for tyrannical, draconian measures.

I have stated all along that I believe COVID-19 is a real virus. I know of people personally who have died with it, and others who have suffered terribly with the virus. I have friends and family members who work on the actual frontline. I understood the uncertainty around this virus initially and I do believe that certain sensible measures should be taken. Protecting the vulnerable and immuno-compromised should be paramount.

However, Trojan horses are also a fact, as are political fear narratives and agendas — especially when so much does simply not make sense.

“Just because you are paranoid does not mean they are not after you,” as the saying goes, and just because you are called a ‘conspiracy theorist’ does not mean that there are not people conspiring.

People lie.

Politicians lie.

Questioning the narrative is wise. I happen to sit on the other side of the political fence on most issues. I disagree on issues like abortion and gender bender ideology and climate change, so it would be quite strange for me to simply accept that the same people who legislate full term abortion and euthanasia; who have been caught before manipulating statistics; have suddenly become completely altruistic and honest.

In regard to COVID-19 there is much global evidence of false positives. This is a great resource for those who are interested.

We have all heard of many examples where a case has been reported as a COVID-19 death and then later de-classified.

One example right here in Australia was when the fake news ABC reported the youngest victim to die with COVID-19. Autopsy reports recorded he did not indeed have Coronavirus.

If we want to talk about disinformation spreading like wildfire, then this would be a perfect example. Facts are important on all parts of the political spectrum and accountability is important for all.

We also have the blatant censorship of the hundreds of doctors speaking against the narrative with first hand facts and evidence. Add to that the somewhat suspicious banning of the drug Hydroxychloroquine and the quiet updating of the CDC website that reported only 6% of COVID deaths could be attributed solely to COVID-19.

The exaggerated reports and fear mongering around statistics cannot be denied. It does not mean that the virus does not exist, but perhaps if context and more honesty had been applied in the reporting of so called statistics, citizen journalists and the silent majority would not be agitating. Our lives have been seriously impacted by this alleged “pandemic” and many of us are left questioning if the cure is, in fact, worse than the virus!

What happens in the USA is relevant as this is a global event and the modelling was international, revised based on what has happened in other countries.

Dr Mark Hobart who is in charge of an aged care facility said very high numbers of the deaths were simply with COVID, not from. Of the 42 that were COVID positive at the time, most were not displaying any respiratory symptoms or COVID symptoms but many had comorbidities that he was more concerned about.

“As cases evolve globally, it has been noted that persons with underlying chronic illnesses are more likely to contract the virus and become severely ill.


Due to SARS CoV-2 being a relatively new virus, the data available is limited. However, patients with comorbidities have more deteriorating outcomes compared with patients without.” [source]

The irony of the ABC article cherry picking from my post and not publishing my views in context is not lost on me.

Perhaps it’s time the “fact checkers” had some fact checking themselves!

Marijke Rancie is an ordinary, "stay-at-home" mum who shrugs off the restrictive expectations of cultural feminism. She encourages other full time mums to not feel inadequate in their occupation as wife & mother, and champions traditional family values. Also known as “Political Posting Mumma“, Marijke's personal experience and concerned research led her to raising the alarm about the hidden, inappropriate sexual content of the so-called “Safe Schools” resources.

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