In his first year in office President Trump promised to end the battle started between an order of Catholic nuns called the Little Sisters of the Poor and the Obama Administration. Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” – Obamacare – forced the nuns to pay for health insurance which included contraception, which is a violation of their religious convictions. They argued it was also a violation of their religious freedom.

President Trump announced a policy in October which expanded exemptions from certain religious organisations to virtually any non-government employer on grounds of religious or even moral objections.

Last week the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) issued a ruling to uphold President Trump’s executive order.

According to,

“Justices voted 7-2 to uphold the pro-life order from the president with Chief Justice John Roberts joining the four conservatives on the court along with liberal Justices Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor, both abortion advocates, dissented.”

Responding to the court’s ruling, Mother Loraine Marie Maguire commented,

“We are overjoyed that, once again, the Supreme Court has protected our right to serve the elderly without violating our faith,”

“Our life’s work and great joy is serving the elderly poor and we are so grateful that the contraceptive mandate will no longer steal our attention from our calling.”

Notable pro-life American groups praised the court’s decision including Susan B. Anthony List’s President, Marjorie Dannenfelser,

Today is a major victory for President Trump, who has courageously fought to protect the Little Sisters of the Poor from the Obama-Biden HHS abortifacient mandate,”

We hope today’s victory at the Supreme Court will finally allow the Little Sisters to carry out their mission to love and serve the elderly poor without having to violate their conscience. The Sisters, along with other religious and moral objectors who conscientiously object to abortion, should never be forced to go against their consciences to provide abortion-inducing drugs in their health care plans. We commend President Trump for standing strong for the Little Sisters of the Poor – his record stands in stark contrast to that of Joe Biden, who helped launch this assault as Obama’s Vice President nearly a decade ago.

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