To protect our constitutional monarchy, someone needs to duct tape Prince Charles’s mouth shut.

While absolute freedom of speech is a natural right of citizens, the monarch and their direct heirs are not normal citizens. They occupy a lifelong position of immense privilege and responsibility, safeguarding democracy as head of state. To do this successfully, they are not entitled to pollute the waters by offering political opinions that set them at odds with factions inside the nation. Every breath must be beyond reproach. Any hint of favouritism to prime ministers or their politics risks the dissolution of the Crown.

Her Majesty The Queen has led a near perfect reign of service and devotion. As a quiet and peaceful queen, she has occupied the Crown longer than any monarch in the history of the world. To be universally a mystery is to be universally loved. This approach has rendered whispers of a ‘republic’ mute.

The same cannot be said of her son, Prince Charles.

‘Charles’ has never been a good name for British kings. Charles I is famous for losing his head in 1649 after a power trip. He thought himself superior, took parliament to war, and tried to enforce religious tyranny on the famously fractured faiths inside his empire. When the common people had finished dipping their handkerchiefs in Charles’s blood, they soon learned that the poison of power was not unique to kings. Parliament, without a royal head of state, was a disaster of increasing incoherency. In the end, Oliver Cromwell, leader of the revolt, found himself displaying the same narcissistic delusions of absolute authority as the king he had deposed.

After setting up hereditary succession of lifelong power for his son, Cromwell died of natural causes, awash with regret. The leadership of England was hopelessly adrift. Its revolution was victorious but incapable of surviving. Without its monarch or its war hero, an army marched on London and installed Charles II as king. In a morbid ritual of political healing, Cromwell’s body was dug up and executed for treason. His head was stuck on a spike outside Westminster Hall and then traded in private collections for hundreds of years as a souvenir of the brief and disastrous republic.

Why the bloody theatre? Quite simply, if you intend to rule you have to make sure that your ideological enemies stay dead. Killing them twice is better than allowing them to die quietly and unpunished.

Charles II did better than his father (it’d be hard to do worse), and earned himself the title of the ‘Merry Monarch’ on account of the drinking, whoring and illegitimate children. In politics and religion, he was deliberately tolerant, but his reign faced considerable hardship. First, The Great Plague of London followed shortly after by The Great Fire of London, both of which consumed people and historical treasures alike. On balance, it was a misery and considering the whole ‘revolution’ thing, the British monarchy has not returned to the name ‘Charles’.

As monarchs surrendered their thrones to revolutions across Europe, there were no more Charleses crowned. That may change in our lifetime. So, what about our Prince Charles? Surely it would be superstitious to consider his name a curse?

Prince Charles is already on the wrong track. His admirable love of the environment has been taken advantage of by predatory friends looking to exploit the wealth and property of the Crown. Kept separate from reality, Charles has been in a Petri dish of climate propaganda, dribbled into his ear by international renewables businessmen and politicians hunting for the green-vote. It is a lifetime of bewitching culminating in a devout worship of the Globalist Religion.

On a subconscious level, it is possible that Prince Charles believes that if he cosies up to the Marxist, Socialist and outright Communist international institutions, he will be spared from the culling when they finally seize power. He is wrong. Marxists have no room for monarchies in their plan for a global Socialist government. They will bow, scrape, and use the publicity of the naive prince right up until it’s time to put him against the wall. That is how Marxist revolutions work. Prince Charles’s relatives made exactly the same mistake with Hitler, hoping the Nazis would help restore the fallen monarchies of Europe (something Hitler’s National Socialist Party had no plans to do).

This is not a mere ideological discussion of the Prince’s error – it is a question about money. Hundreds of millions of pounds worth of investments and deals are in play, brokered between the Crown, the Duchy of Cornwell, and European renewables companies.

Prince Charles is on record speaking to the UK Telegraph in 2004 where he said that wind turbines were:

“an horrendous blot on the landscape and that their spread must be halted before they irreparably ruin some of Britain’s most beautiful countryside.”

Sensible words, if he had left things there, but the Prince – probably at the insistence of his close personal friend and wind turbine investor – has engaged in a non-stop campaign to bring as many of these beastly environmental wrecks into the nation. Despite refusing to have any within sight of his own estates, the Prince has been instrumental inflicting them on others.

Profits from wind turbines come from government subsidies with billions of dollars added to the nation’s power bills. The Crown Estate is the custodian of the waters and seabeds surrounding the British Isles and holds exclusive rights for wind and wave power. All profits collected by these energy sources are given to the Treasury, which forwards on 25% as a sovereign grant to the monarch. In 2017 under a conservative parliament, this grant was generously increased 15% and many are wondering at the curious timing of the raise which has this year been topped up by the taxpayer when the coronavirus caused a shortfall.

If the Crown Estate’s proposed sea leases are approved, wind turbines will completely encircle the United Kingdom with the Climate Change Committee pushing for 80% of all energy in the UK to come from wind by 2050.

The Crown Estate charges royalties equal to 2% of revenue for use of its seabeds. With many more plots already leased and under construction, these returns will balloon. This will be a disaster for the average citizen, who pays for the expansion of offshore wind as a percentage of their bill with no tangible return other than ‘virtue’. It is, in essence, a ‘green tax’ with taxpayers copping a hefty price while the Crown Estate is estimated to collect more than £100m per year if the government meets their 2030 renewables target.

Since the construction of these huge offshore wind farms, native bird populations, particularly in Scotland, have been in rapid decline with furious objection by locals and wildlife organisations – all of which has fallen on deaf ears in the face of the global push for renewables at any cost. As of 2019/2020, the Energy, Minerals and Infrastructure unit of The Crown Estate, which includes its offshore wind holdings, published a profit of £102.9m. The full amount delivered to the Treasury was £343.5m.

In light of this, Prince Charles has given dozens of climate change speeches to the United Nations – talking up the wind technology he once claimed to hate. During these nauseating pontifications, he insisted that climate change is the ‘wolf at the door’ and that weather reports should be made to ‘make clear’ the role of climate change in floods and heatwaves – even if it has been proved false repeatedly. It is hard to take his Armageddon sermons seriously when he blames the Syrian conflict on ‘climate change’ rather than Islamic extremists waging holy war against themselves and the world. If Prince Charles thinks that he can solve religious terrorism with wind turbines, the monarchy is in trouble.

In September of 2020, Prince Charles became more bold and apocalyptic with his speeches – this time wading neck-deep in the World Economic Forum’s horrific new social order program named, ‘The Great Reset’. At the opening day of Climate Week New York City, he said:

“The borderless climate, biodiversity and health crises are all symptoms of a planet that has been pushed beyond its planetary boundaries. Without swift and immediate action, at an unprecedented pace and scale, we will miss the window of opportunity to reset for a green-blue recovery and a more sustainable and inclusive future. […] Ladies and gentlemen, that (environmental) crisis has been with us for far too many years, decried, denigrated and denied. It is now rapidly becoming a comprehensive catastrophe that will dwarf the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. At this late stage I can see no other way forward but to call for a Marshall-like plan for nature, people and planet.”

This is not passively or accidentally letting slip a political view. This is the future sovereign painting himself with the colour of the dangerous socialist world order that runs in direct opposition to the liberty and survival of British sovereignty.

If you want to know who else talks about the ‘Marshall Plan’ in the same sentence as renewables, look no further than the World Economic Forum who released an article titled, ‘To Build Back Better, we must reinvent Capitalism’. It goes on to link George Floyd’s death from a fentanyl overdose to coronavirus, climate change, and the (imagined) failure of capitalism.

“A true recovery from COVID-19 will not be about putting things back together the way they were: we need to ‘build back better’, to ‘reset’, if we are to address the deep systemic vulnerabilities the pandemic has exposed. For businesses, building back better is about much more than corporate social responsibility: it is about truly aligning markets with the natural, social and economic systems on which they depend. It is about building real resilience, driving equitable and sustainable growth, and reinventing capitalism itself.”

To go into the true extent of the World Economic Forum and its hundreds of partners whose names include Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Netflix is another article entirely, but essentially what they (and by extension Prince Charles) advocate for is a Big Brother state that monetises the mass surveillance of private and personal data for megacorporates under the excuse of pandemics and climate goals. In an up-scaled version of China’s Social Credit System, it demands social licenses for business and the nationalisation of industry. There is no question that it is the absolute surrender of liberty to a global authority of unelected dictators and a betrayal of the Crown’s nations.

The content of Prince Charles’s speeches are not original. Like Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden, and Scott Morrison, he is merely parroting what he has heard while jetting around the world, sipping champagne at UN summits where the elite calmly discuss the enslavement of the planet to their vanity.

At this point, Charles is little more than prince of the thieves who conspire to take our future.

It is not only his association with these global fiends that taints his image as a monarch. Prince Charles has actively lobbied political causes to change policy that benefited his financial investments. The release of the Paradise Papers (13.4 million confidential records relating to offshore accounts and investments which were leaked to a German newspaper) revealed that Charles’s Duchy of Cornwall (a corporation-tax-exempt Crown body created to provide an income to the heir) purchased $113,500 worth of shares in 2007 for the Sustainable Forestry Management Ltd (SFM). The company’s director was a personal friend of the Prince despite claims from the Duchy of Cornwall that Charles has no direct involvement in these investments.

Sustainable Forestry Management had a problem. It traded in Carbon Credit Schemes, which are bits of paper that give you permission to emit carbon in what essentially amounts to a new form of currency that can be bought, sold and revalued on markets. It is a license to pollute for those billionaires who can afford it – much like Hollywood stars who plant trees to justify their private jets. The SFM wanted to issue carbon credits for the tropical and subtropical rainforests inside their holdings, which were at that point excluded by the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme and the Kyoto Protocol. In response, the SFM hired a former US lead negotiator for the Kyoto Protocol to put pressure on the EU to change their regulations. Prince Charles went on a promotional speaking tour in favour of this new Emissions Trading Scheme called, ‘The Prince’s Rainforests Project’ which was marketed as a way to protect rainforests. When the EU gave in and expanded the scheme to include rainforests, the Prince sold his shares in 2008 for $325,000.

Clarence House later had to release a statement saying that the Prince of Wales had, ‘certainly never chosen to speak out on a topic simply because of a company that [the Duchy of Cornwall] may have invested in’. Which does not explain the awkward timing with the Prince beginning this lobbying only four months after SFM sent his office lobbying documents, according to the BBC.

On the 7th of July 2007, Prince Charles made a speech at the ‘Business in the Community Awards Dinner’ specifically attacking the European Union’s ETS scheme and the Kyoto Protocol’s exclusion of these carbon credits.

“The problem is that the true value of forests to the world community is not understood. Somehow we have to find ways of putting a price on them which makes them more valuable alive than dead. [ … ] How do we do it? I would suggest there are two ways. First, the international community needs to act. Already, there are some important efforts being made by Governments, not least by our own which is supporting the Congo Basin Initiative. But, and this is such an important point, as the Kyoto protocol now stands tropical rainforest nations have no way of earning credits from their standing forests other than by cutting them down and planting new ones! The European Carbon Trading Scheme excludes carbon credits for forests from developing nations. This has got be wrong and we must urge the international community to work together to redress these failings urgently. The forthcoming meeting of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change this December in Bali is a major opportunity.”

Reading this, if you feel like you are being sold out by a used car salesman – that is because you are. Prince Charles is hardly alone amongst our world leaders for this kind of terrifying behaviour but unlike politicians, whom people expect to be unscrupulous and can vote out if they get too bad, Charles’s power comes from a birthright. If he abuses it by playing roulette with global Communists, wagering our lives for his profit, he will bring down the monarchy along with himself.

In a way, it’s brilliant for its brazen (if not malevolent) success. A group of elite, ultra-rich authoritarians have dug up the old idea of environmental fascism and made it appeal to the egos of weak leaders. They mistakenly think that subscribing to these green initiatives will cement their public appeal and why wouldn’t they? These ventures are making them personally wealthy so they must be successful, right?

What Prince Charles cannot see are the energy bills of his people rising to unsustainable levels to fund his wind turbines. The blackouts that plague the continent never seem to reach him. The loss of personal liberty and economic freedom of business is not a concern for a monarch who never works. The cost of his vanity is invisible and like every other out of control mad king tyrannising the people, Charles will meet with disaster.

Which is a shame, because what replaces him is much worse. After all, the whims of a president are more dangerous than the hobbies of a powerless king.

Alexandra Marshall (@ellymelly on social media) writes on liberty, philosophy and geopolitics. You can find her on Twitter or read her articles over at her blog. Elly is also an AI database designer for the retail industry, contributor to multiple online journals and a Young Ambassador with Australians for Constitutional Monarchy.

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