The headline reads, "Anti-abortion protesters 'upsetting clients' as they return to picket Perth clinic."

By anti-abortion, the paper refers to pregnancy support, clearly pictured in the big photo. By protesters, the paper apparently refers to senior citizens with an easy smile and bearing gift bags. By picket, they refer to a sign without graphics promising prayer for parents and their baby.

By clinic, they refer to the state-sanctioned, tax payer-funded rooms where innocent, living, preborn humans are poisoned, crushed and torn limb from limb until they're dead and probably discarded as medical waste.

By upsetting clients, they refer to the grandfatherly and grandmotherly folks wearing t-shirts offering help - something the "clinic" doesn't do if the parents want any choice other than that which the staff get paid for.

The propagandised euphemisms don't stop there - that's just the headline! The paper quotes the staff referring to abortion - the deliberate killing of a preborn person - variously as health care (twice), abortion care, essential service, care, services, medical services, health service, and abortion service.

The journalist incuriously regurgitates the genteelism "abortion services".

Peter Abetz observed, "Misrepresenting what the prayer vigil groups do is part of the abortion industry’s propaganda campaign to pressure the state government to expedite introducing their unnecessary exclusion zone legislation.

“In Western Australia, vegan activists can demonstrate aggressively outside restaurants and abattoirs and intimidate diners and workers without a permit. Yet activists want to ban peaceful groups praying outside abortion clinics with signs offering help to women with an unexpected pregnancy."

He also described the most recent call to police - who had permitted the prayer vigil. A person arriving to work at the facility allegedly pulled up in the driveway and called one of the participants over to request an information pack. “They then allegedly called police on the basis that the vigil participant had violated the 4-metre exclusion zone!"

It appears abortion providers and abortion apologists in the media are given to fake news, not facts.

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