George Christensen is one of the good guys. He refuses to serve political correctness, and refuses to be silent or “play it safe” on issues that matter the most to the people in his electorate. Mr Christensen is the Federal Member of Parliament for the electorate of Dawson in northern Queensland, and he joins Dave Pellowe to discuss his views and news on redefining marriage, the danger of “Safe Schools”, protectionism, penalty rates and MORE.

WATCH the episode with special guest George Christensen MP on “Protecting Our Culture, Protectionism & Penalty Rates” one segment at a time below.

Have we received our freedom so easily that we don’t even value it? Do we hold Australian culture so worthless not having had to fight for it – yet?

To fight for freedoms of speech & religion, traditional marriage and sanctity of life, we all must let the candidates asking us to vote for them to vote for us, and fight for these Judeo-Christian values in Parliament. All it takes is a brief meeting, a phone call, or even a personally worded email.

But our silence will only serve the enemies of freedom and traditional Australian values.

Meet George! How, when and why did he get into politics? What can we do to help people like him fight for us?

Our top issues are the civilisation-destroying ones like abortion, homosexual marriage, and Marxian radical gender theories being taught to our kids in government schools under a deceptive name.

Will we let government replace family, or get in the fight for freedom?

Does protectionism serve Australian individuals and families? Is there a place for import tariffs?

Should we be making people buy more expensive products to support local industries? How much should the government intervene in the natural economy, the free market?

What’s so good about big business versus small business? Do big companies we heavily subsidise owe us loyalty forever? Does it make sense to subsidise them with billions while we force them to pay artificially high wages?

What are both sides of the arguments about penalty rates and minimum wages? Should a business in Mackay and a business in Sydney pay the same for wages, despite the cost of living and potential business volume being significantly lower in country towns?

Who pays unions to worry about family-owned small businesses or unemployed youth? Will reducing government interference in wages result in a type of modern voluntary slavery? Can people be trusted to get it right? Can government be trusted to get it right and force people to comply?

Political correctness. Party discipline. Career before convictions.

The culture of appeasement and playing it politically safe does not serve the voters or democracy well. Freedom to disagree has been banned from political, professional and personal life. Individual ideas are all but illegal.

Islamism is becoming acceptable. Christianity is becoming unacceptable. Freedom of religion is being replaced by totalitarian “tolerance”. Individuals must soon surrender personal freedom to the State.

The solution is speaking out. We all need to personally approach our candidates and elected member with our views, and ask them to represent us or lose our vote. If we don’t, a lobbyist will tell them what we think – and get it wrong.

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ALSO WATCH George’s 5 minute speech in Parliament outlining the horrific content and agenda of the badly named “Safe Schools” curriculum here:

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