In response to Scott Morrison’s valedictory speech many commented on his reference to Taylor Swift and his daggy dad image.  Even more important is the ex-PM’s belief Christianity underpins and nourishes Western civilisation and guarantees the liberties and freedoms we take for granted.

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In answering the question “how do we stand and on what ground?” Morrison asserts that the values associated with societies like Australia, including individual liberty, the rule of law, equality of opportunity, morality, freedom of speech, are based on the Bible.

According to Morrison, central to the Old and New Testaments and Christ’s teachings is:

Respecting each other’s human dignity through our creation by God’s hand, in God’s image, for God’s Glory, where each human life is eternally valued, unique, worthy, loved and capable.

While there is no doubt humans – including Christians – are less than perfect and prone to sin, and even Prime Ministers can be guilty of arrogance and hubris, Morrison argues Judaeo-Christianity is a saving grace that must be acknowledged and defended.

The ex-PM is not alone in his defence of religion.  As detailed by Larry Siedentop in The Origins of Western Liberalism, Christ’s teachings and the emergence of Christianity had a profound and enduring impact on ancient Greece and Rome. 

Siedentop describes the world before Christ’s teachings as one characterised by inequality and an unbending hierarchy where women, slaves and outsiders were treated as second class citizens and denied essential freedoms and rights.

When detailing the teaching of Paul the Apostle, Siedentop writes:

Paul’s conception of Christ overturns the assumption on which ancient thinking has hitherto rested, the assumption of natural inequality.

As all are made in God’s image what Saint Paul taught is all deserve freedom and liberty and the right to go about their lives free of tyranny and injustice.  Whether citizens or rulers the message is the same: do good, promote human flourishing and protect the sick, the invalid and the poor.

Documents central to the West’s progress in ensuring liberty and justice, including the Magna Carta, the American Declaration of Independence and the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, are all imbued with Christianity.

The preamble to the Australian Constitution includes the words “humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God” while, despite attempts to cancel it by Woke activists, parliaments around Australia, except for the ACT, begin with the Lord’s prayer.

Often forgotten is the fact Martin Luther King Jr was a Baptist minister and his fight for equal rights and freedom was motivated by Christ’s teachings.  His I Have a Dream speech refers to “God’s Children” and includes the line:

Free at last, Free at last, Great God a-mighty, We are free at last.

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At the same time Morrison praises Christianity as “our greatest gift and the most effective protector of our freedoms” he also warns of the ever present impact of an extreme secularism that seeks to cancel religion and the word of God.

The ex-PM warns that undermining Christianity:

Risks our society drifting into a valueless void.  In that world, there is nothing to stand on, there is nothing to hold on to, and the authoritarians and autocrats win.

As evidence, one only has to look at Russia, China, Iran and North Korea where dictators rule unchallenged and basic freedoms and liberties denied to realise the truth of what Morrison argues.  Such totalitarian regimes are inherently immoral and nihilistic as the only goal is absolute power.

Marxism and communism are especially godless and evil, proven by Lenin’s conviction:

Morality is whatever brings about the success of the proletarian revolution. 

Mao’s belief “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun” also denotes a world where dictators rule and freedoms denied.

While not as extreme and violent as old style dictators like Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot, Morrison also warns about the rise of an extremist secularism across Western nations including Australia.

Whether cancelling people because of their religious views about radical gender theory and transgenderism or arguing religious schools should not be funded or have control over staffing and enrolments, Christianity is under threat.

Numerous submissions to the commonwealth government’s review of religious freedom go as far as arguing there is no place for religion in the public square and when deciding government policy. The only safe space is in the privacy of one’s home.

Ignored is religious freedom and freedom of conscience are inherent rights protected by natural justice and God’s law.  As argued by Scott Morrison, it’s also true the New Testament, in particular, is a bulwark against tyranny, injustice and loss of freedom.

Morrison states:

In the increasing western embrace of secularism, let us be careful not to disconnect ourselves from what I argue is our greatest gift.

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Dr Kevin Donnelly is a Senior Fellow at the ACU’s PM Glynn Institute and author of The Dictionary Of Woke. He is one of Australia’s leading conservative public intellectuals, and has been actively engaged in the culture war since 1992. Kevin is committed to a liberal view of education, one based on truth and wisdom, and on Christian morals and beliefs. With years of experience researching, publishing and speaking on education, culture and religion, he is a sought after commentator in Australian media and conferences.

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