Thousands of Qlders welcomed the news that the Pyne Abortion Bills had been withdrawn, just before they were to be debated in parliament. Yet Mr Pyne appears not to understand the situation, he must have missed the memo indicating that 83% of submissions to the parliamentary committees were against his bills, he says:

“I think it’s time the people in Parliament were held to account. They are paid a lot of money to represent the people.” (1)

Most Queenslanders know abortion is bad news.

  1. 83% of the 2,725 submissions to the parliamentary committee were not supportive of the Pyne bills.
  2. 31,735 laid back and easy going Aussies signed the latest parliamentary petition “Say no to Queensland abortion law reforms that do not protect women, allow abortion to full term and limit free speech.” (2)
  3. A galaxy opinion poll conducted in 2016 found that 84% of Queenslanders believe abortion harms a woman’s health,
  4. 94% agree women considering abortion should have access to independent counselling. (3)
  5. Up to four thousand Queenslanders marched at the 2017 March For Life despite oppressive heat.

Abortion Rethink adopted Mr Pyne’s backwards argument ‘it’s not 1899’, adding this beautiful image of a pre-born child. (4)

That’s right Mr Pyne, most of us can clearly see the humanity of the unborn thanks to huge leaps forward in prenatal medicine, as well as better understanding the devastating affects on women from abortion! We all now enjoy and celebrate every milestone during pregnancy – when the baby is not killed.

The views of the majority of voters in Queensland are clear, thankfully the LNP and the KAP could see that, even the ALP could do the maths on this week’s vote, but promise to introduce a bill after the next election, so it is clear they do not yet comprehend the ‘representing the electorate’ idea Mr Pyne speaks of.

Thank God, that in 2017 the Queensland people and many politicians acted to protect our most vulnerable and their mums.

Mark Robinson MP sums up the lay of the land now.

“The Qld Labor Govt (not Parliament) is sending the “current laws” (not Pyne Bills) to the QLRC [Queensland Law Reform Commission]. So the bad Trad-Pyne Bills are dead, buried & cremated. And there is no resurrection day for them. That is the truth & people need to hear that. There is no lifeline from the Parliament to the Pyne Bills.”

And so they should be. It hasn’t been since the 19th Century that a Queensland Government failed to value women and children so badly that there were no protections against the unjustified violence of abortion.

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