The government doesn’t want your children thinking for themselves, so education bureaucrats in Queensland have issued an “unofficial” policy warning principals that they should crack down on 4 to 12 year olds who have a public faith. Principals are expected to take action against students caught evangelising to their peers.

Even though the Judeo-Christian values and Christian culture have founded our wonderful nation, these ignorant public servants have decided following Jesus isn’t good for our future, and Christianity is most unhelpful for citizenship, social stability or personal responsibility.

They’ve taken it upon themselves to decide that society would be better off if we were more like the People’s Republic of China, where public evangelism is deemed noxious to government-defined “social harmony”. These tools of totalitarianism are attempting to hide their perverse Marxist agenda in a liberal democracy which values personal freedom.

Rebecca Urban explains in today’s The Australian that the department’s March 2017 report into the GodSpace religious instruction materials says, “The department expects schools to take appropriate action if aware that students participating in RI [religious instruction] are evangelising to students who do not.” It claims, using typically clever socialist propaganda words, that primary school kids talking about why they believe in Jesus, “could adversely affect the school’s ability to provide a safe, supportive and inclusive ­environment.

“Safe” – unless you’re a Christian kid obedient to Jesus’ command to at least tell your friends the Good News.

“Supportive” – unless you believe in freedom of speech or religious liberty.

“Inclusive” – unless you’re targeted by your principal for upsetting the “social harmony” of being good little government robots.

What happened to schools teaching our kids how to think, instead of what to think? I know we lost the Universities when the anarchists of the sixties became the elites of the eighties, but are even primary schools no longer safe for free thinking and free speaking people? Is the government so determined to impart their social agenda while so clearly failing at imparting numeracy and literacy?

Dangerous playground behaviour, according to Labor Government Minister for Education Kate Jones’ department bureaucrats is

  • sharing Christmas cards referring to the historically factual birth of Jesus,
  • giving away handmade Christmas tree decorations, and
  • handmade friendship bracelets intended to prompt conversations about personal hope in Jesus: the single most civilising social influence ever seen in the world (Jesus, not bracelets).

By the way, every review ordered by Kate Jones found zero problems or conflicts with existing legislation or even her Orwellian department’s policies. These reviews were a typically leftist knee-jerk over-reaction to a single parent’s complaints about Christianity, whilst the Minister completely ignored and denied massive petitions concerned about her secret Safe Schools program teaching kids about the “Gender Fairy” and that they might be bisexual – genuinely dangerous, if not abusive.

Here’s the major problem. This prohibition against evangelising is not just reflective of Chairman Mao’s desires for “social harmony”, they’re unconstitutional. The third limb of Section 116 specifically protects citizens from the government “prohibiting the free exercise of any religion.”

“The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.”
– Section 116, Australian Constitution

Now this unofficial department policy is not a State law, let alone a Commonwealth law, so there’s not going to be a day in court over these latest in a long line of public attacks by the Government and it’s tribunals and departments on freedom and faith.

But it is within our power to say no. This minister has denied parents the right to know when and where their children are being taught dangerous, unscientific and abusive gender theory; has promoted concerns over traditional Australian Christianity; and is now betraying the Australian right to freedom of religion. Undoubtedly it’s easier to rob future generations of their rights if they don’t get used to them before they’re old enough to fight for themselves – so it’s up to us.

What You Can Do

Please write to Kate Jones and gently, politely and respectfully insist that her department withdraw all prohibitions and restrictions on the free exercise of any religion, as per the founding values of our nation detailed in the Constitution. Abusing this public servant will not help you or your kids. Communicating your intent to appreciate, vote for and support a better government and local candidate who will champion Australia’s Judeo-Christian values and freedoms will help future generations. Every politician is motivated by votes.

Please sign the petition and write a brief letter in your own words. Paper and posted letters are even more influential. An election is due any time!

Find out more about simple ways to protect Australia’s heritage here.

Hon Kate Jones

Hon Kate Jones

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Hon Kate Jones - Please Leave Christian Kids Alone

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