It will come as a startling revelation to Qld residents that Norman Lindsay’s great Australian children’s book about a magic pudding that never ran out, no matter how much you ate, is actually a true story. Premier Palaszczuk & Treasurer Trad are certain of it, so it must be true.

The state budget is that merely decorative thing which lets residents know if those who control the credit card are being responsible or reckless. It’s like a rain gauge. No one can change what’s in it, but it’s nice to know.

For example, silly Campbell Newman thought he could reduce the budget by trimming the bloated & infamously inefficient public service sector of about 14,000 superfluous positions (a mere 6.5%) to around 200,000 full-time equivalent employees. He believed the magic pudding wasn’t real, but Queenslanders didn’t agree and decided he was superfluous, hiring Labor instead to tell them the stories they wanted to hear.

The latest figures from the tower of unfettered power show that the Labor Party have not only undone all those savings, but have more than doubled the damage previously repaired by putting 31,775 public servants back on the budget since taking the helm. It doesn’t matter how much that costs taxpayers though, does it? We’ve got endless amounts of money!

The magic pudding is real, isn’t it? Money just keeps on magically coming (from taxpayers). The wages cost is more than $29,000,000,000 and nearly half the entire state expenses – but budgets don’t really matter. What’s another billion dollars or two when you have a magic pudding?

The funniest part is, to make sure the Palaszczuk-Trad government isn’t hiring too many unnecessary public servants or creating silly but important sounding new departments, they’re establishing a new bureaucracy called the ‘Service Priority Review Office’. Genius!

Pass the spoon, will you?

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