The public attacks on Christianity aren’t slowing down. If anything, they’re getting more brazen. A Current Affair is giving oxygen to a Queensland mum who is complaining that no one should be able to have their kids taught about religion in class time because she doesn’t want her kids taught religion at all.

It would appear she thinks ‘State’ means exclusively irreligious, and missed the recent census where more than half of the Australian State are Christian. Does the State not represent the values of its Christian taxpayers too?

Former lawyer Alison Courtice rhetorically asks if ‘preachers’ are the right people to teach religion in state schools. With a great deal more coherent logic, Kamal Weerakoon from the NSW Presbyterian Church said, “People who really believe a religion are best equipped to teach it.”

Host Tracey Grimshaw announced the above Facebook poll and that at the time the segment went to air 64% of viewers didn’t think religion has a place in the classroom.

The fact is the best citizens are morally virtuous citizens, and teaching the Bible specifically is arguably the best way to teach good citizenship consistent with the Constitution and our British cultural and legal heritage.

The Bible is also as fundamental to understanding our language as lesser classics, as Professor Henry Higgins commented in the play Pygmalion, and its derivative movie by the name of My Fair Lady, “Remember that you are a human being with a soul and the divine gift of articulate speech: that your native language is the language of Shakespeare and Milton and The Bible.

Ms Courtice said, “I’m absolutely not anti-religious and I would defend anyone’s right to freedom to hold their beliefs.”

Right. Just as long as we don’t do so publicly?

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