REVIEW- Michael Moore presents Planet of the Humans

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The latest documentary by Michael Moore is free to watch in its entirety on YouTube. Ad revenue may be his best bet of monetising his “work” these days as box office sales are a mere shadow of what they once were. I watched Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans in full this morning, and it was too long.

For right thinking people who, unpersuaded by hyperbole, have always asked for more information and balked at shrieking demands for “real climate action” at any cost – the movie is predictable and repetitive. It hammers away at what realists already know, and alarmists refuse to understand.

There is no such thing as “green energy”.

It confirms what sceptics have always pointed out, that all “renewables” require heavy reliance on fossil fuels to create, often more than they offset in their entire, short lifetime.

This documentary reminds conservatives and presumes to inform lefty liberals that intermittent (aka renewable) energy is inherently unreliable and requires constant fossil fuel – coal or natural gas – backup.

The film spends a great deal of time detailing and proving how grubby and hypocritical the climate change industry is, shamelessly profiting off the frenzied fear of gullible voters handing over wads of wasted public money for negligible returns; all while wreaking untold damage to the environment and disadvantaged, vulnerable people.

The most entertainment available from this movie is the spectacle of a liberal pulling back the curtains conservatives have been shredding since before Al Gore was a gleam in his daddy’s eye.

But conservatives beware: Michael Moore suddenly agreeing with you adds no more credibility to reality than a stopped clock occasionally coinciding with with an accurate time.

in 2004 Christopher Hitchens scathingly demolished Moore’s box office hit, Fahrenheit 9/11, labeling it nothing more than a slickly-produced collection of self-contradictory lies, describing Moore as “engaged in a sophomoric celluloid rewriting of recent history“.

A film that bases itself on a big lie and a big misrepresentation can only sustain itself by a dizzying succession of smaller falsehoods, beefed up by wilder and (if possible) yet more-contradictory claims.

The sequel, “Fahrenheit 11/9”, a socialist’s propaganda hit job on Trump, failed to reap even 10% of the bounty of its forebear at the box office, hence the straight-to-YouTube release now.

Christian Toto titled his review of that movie, “Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ – Fake News on Steroids”. He wrote, “Moore bends the truth right out of the gate, using deceptive editing to show Team Trump looking miserable to pull off the upset of the young century.

“Fahrenheit 11/9” even shows footage of a Hitler speech with Trumps’ words dubbed into the audio. Yes, that’s the level of intellectualism on display.

So it was with more than a pinch of sceptical curiosity that I watched 100 minutes of Moore getting to the point. What exactly is the seeming-critic of Green extremism attempting to prove with this new work?


That’s right, his conclusion isn’t that human-caused climate change isn’t the real emergency we should all be trembling in our boots before the looming spectre of, but everything human-caused.

We must accept that our human presence is already far beyond sustainability, and all that that implies… And instead of climate change, we must at long last accept that it’s not the carbon-dioxide molecule destroying the planet. It’s us. It’s not one thing, but every thing we humans are doing – a human-caused apocalypse. If we get ourselves under control, all things are possible.

So before you go appealing to the latest “documentary” from socialist propagandist Michael Moore as some kind of credible witness to the green energy scam, remember his evidence and arguments will crumble under cross examination. His conclusions, if accepted by a temporarily honest green extremist, will then certainly be used against us to further what has always been their foundational philosophy that humanity itself is a disease, a plague upon the earth.

Such moral contortionism results in attempts to rationalise the devastating abortion and euthanasia industries, promotes a utilitarian view of each human’s value and entrenches systemic inequality and injustice. Ignorant elites now presume to signal their virtue by having less or no children.

But as with the perpetually-revised and anti-climactic doomsday deadlines, overpopulation is an old myth. Disgraced prophet and proto-environmentalist Paul Ehrlich wrote a cheap paperback in 1968 (the decade when the war against the family really heated up) called The Population Bomb. Full of dire predictions, it graphically promised famine, pollution, social and ecological collapse leading to hundreds of millions of people starving to death during the 70s.

They didn’t.

In actual fact, the world’s population has more than doubled in the last 50 years and the death toll from great famines has plunged over the same period, from around 16-21 million in the 40s, 50s and 60s, to less than 10 million in the 70s, and relatively mere handfuls in ensuing decades since. According to the U.N. Food and Agricultural Organisation, around one out of four people in the world was hungry when The Population Bomb was printed, but today it’s just one out of ten. We innovated and adapted. Human industry was the solution.

Moore’s anti-human, Malthusian movie cheaply echoes Ehrlich’s false diagnosis written 50 years ago that there were just too many of us taking too much from the earth. Ehrlich’s arguments for immediate population control by individuals and governments nurtured not only a young environmentalism cult but racism, eugenics and other human rights abuses around the world.

Sometime in the next 15 years, the end will come,” Ehrlich told CBS News in 1970. “And by ‘the end’ I mean an utter breakdown of the capacity of the planet to support humanity.” That’s basically the plot of Moore’s latest movie.


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