Rod McGarvie, UN Peacekeeper, cultural expert and political campaigner joins Dave Pellowe to discuss his qualified insights into what works and what doesn’t in foreign aid, refugee and immigration policies, as well as the future of Australia’s conservative minor parties.

The Left & Right of politics and Christianity have more in common than we know. We all want to help, and make our nation and everyone’s lives better, although we rarely give each other that much credit. The main differences are in how we go about it, and taking the time to listen and understand the other will go a long way to finding the best solutions together.

Foreign Aid is not an absolute good. Sometimes it can be totally wasted. Sometimes it can leave the people we’re trying to help worse off. Rod McGarvie and Dave Pellowe discuss real examples of the good, the bad, and the Australian foreign aid policies.

Refugees are a global problem that’s growing faster than we can solve. Rod McGarvie and Dave Pellowe discuss ways we can help many times more people in real need, without adding to their stresses or ours.

We clearly can’t bring the 1.3 billion people living in extreme poverty here for a myriad of reasons. So how do we decide who gets to enjoy the prize of Australian immigration? Rod McGarvie and Dave Pellowe discuss immigration priorities like cultural compatibility and concern for the impacts on those who come from vastly different backgrounds.

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Malcolm Turnbull is languishing in popularity and doomed by the media’s self-fulfilling prophecy. Cory Bernardi offers something conservative minor parties have long lacked. Rod McGarvie and Dave Pellowe discuss the future for the right side of politics in Australia.


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