Of all the hypocritical pig swill I’ve ever read in fake news, leftist rags, this one takes the cake. Rosie Batty – poster girl for the misandristic men-are-evil-predators narrative about domestic violence – thinks Bettina Arndt doesn’t deserve her AO because her work, allegedly, “pits men against women”.

Bettina’s work does not do that. Yet in the minds of many Australians: Rosie’s does.

Bettina’s work objects to that being done by the toxic feminist narrative such as Battie regurgitates. It objects to Universities presuming accused boys & men guilty and circumventing our carefully evolved justice system with incompetent kangaroo courts. Bettina’s work objects to hyperbole from hyperventilating harpies about a non-existent rape crisis – which also pits women against men.

Batty is suffering relevance deprivation and signalling her virtue to the toxic sisters of the feminarchy which is desperately combing through Bettina’s 45 year career of public comments and interviews to find a misspoken word or mistake with which to discredit her. The best they can find is an interview given to a convicted paedophile who was found guilty and served his time but who continued to be punished by vigilante feminists.

The reason why is obvious. They are frustrated by recognition given to people who disagree with them, but have no valid rebuttals about the important work Bettina’s doing to end the war against men by toxic feminism.

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