UNDOUBTEDLY former Prime Minister Scott Morrison was foolish and autocratic when he secretly appointed himself the minister for everything. Many will dissect his error and all critics will be right. It was catacylsmic hubris, but it was not criminal.

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The real story, however, is the suddenly convenient concern the Lying Harlot Media (LHM) have for politicans lacking transparency as they greedily grab unprecedented power for themselves and ruthlessly sacrifice democracy and liberty “because Covid”.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese labelled Morrison’s ill-conceived actions an:

“Unprecedented trashing of the Westminster system”.

But that’s complete and utter rubbish. Since 2020, there has been a steady stream of secret and public, government and bureaucracy actions “trashing the Westminster system” and natural law itself, so the secret sweep of ScoMo’s sceptre is just government business as usual if precedent is actually observed.

Where was the confected outrage now being displayed when the Australian Army was deployed against innocent, healthy Australian citizens arriving at international airports, to then mandatorily transport and detain them in solitary confinement for a month “because Covid”?

The maliciously deceitful LHM dutifully parroted the propaganda that we plebs didn’t need liberty to go to work, gather for worship or send our kids to school because politicians pointed to bureaucrats and hollowly claimed “health advice”. Celebrities and athletes were different of course. Covid was selectively serious.

Parliamentary debate and scrutiny of the most oppressive, socially-destructive public policies since Federation was entirely suspended in complete abandonment of first principles “just in case” the risk was as bad as predicted. That prediction came from the same expert clown who claimed the 2001 mad-cow disease outbreak in the UK was going to be like Armageddon, even though only 178 people died, proving his doomsday modelling not fit for purpose.

Where was the media questioning the anti-democracy politicians over the “absurdly fake science” relied on as the excuse for extrajudicial, mass home detentions?

The Lying Harlot Media made the grotesque monsters most politicians and Scott Morrison were when he covertly crowned himself. It was they who homogenously agreed that violating constitutional rights to movement between states and suburbs was a reasonable annex to government authority. They refused to grill Premiers granting themselves entirely unjustified dictatorial powers in the name of safety “because covid”.

When Chief Health officers banned golf but not walking for exercise, or the ANZAC Day parade but not a cheek to jowel football stadium, the media fell in line and told us to trust the government “because COVID”.

Police were literally firing rubber bullets on entirely peaceful protests “because Covid” and the media refused to call for the sacking of any Premier, Police Minister or Commissioner.

But Scott Morrison wearing too many hats “because Covid” looks like a scandal?

Australia became a nation where any elected or appointed authority figure could violate any civil right, ignore any section of the Constitution and suspend all human rights and freedom, because the incurious Lying Harlot Media carefully nurtured and protected a political environment without transparency or accountability; where voters were groomed to love democracy’s abuse.

There should be thousands of resignations for the criminal abuse and/or negligence of power over the last few years, and those only now publicly calling for Scott Morrison’s resignation should go first.

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