The Andrews Labor Government of Victoria Will Replace Parents with the State

The Victorian government is at it again. Following on from its atrocious Safe Schools program, which seems to do everything but make schools safe (you can read about it here), it has overstepped its role and usurped parental authority in another way.

As reported in The Weekend Australian yesterday, Daniel Andrews and his gang have introduced a program that will allow students to circumvent parental permission and access medical treatment, including the pill, without their parents or guardians knowing about it. This will allow a girl as young as 11 to obtain a prescription for contraceptives from school and the parents will be none the wiser. Also, the guidelines suggest that teachers will have the authority to overrule parents who have objected to their child seeing a doctor during school time.

Let that sink in for a moment.

The state is cutting parents out of the equation and appointing themselves power over a child’s body and mind.

Not only that, members of the Australian Education Union will be given exercise of this power. One of the most left leaning unions in Australia given yet more authority over the lives of children. That should be a chilling thought for any parent.

What is it in the heart of the Victorian government and its public service that makes is so obsessed with the sex lives of children? In both the Safe Schools program and this new endeavour it has granted itself the right to intervene in areas in which the state has no rights. While using the guise of ‘health’ (as usual) it is actually a program teaching morality and it’s most likely not your family’s morals. It’s the morals of some very disturbed people who have gained control of one of the most influential institutions in a child’s development, i.e. the classroom.

At the centre of this is the deeply held philosophy of some very dangerous politicians, namely they believe that the state has more authority over your family than you. They truly believe in their heart of hearts that it is the job of the state to determine what people believe, practice and speak and that they have the right to determine the moral development of your children. The last time the world saw this was in a communist dictatorship, or is that comparison becoming redundant in Victoria?

This also shows the extreme cowardice of the people behind these schemes, as they unleash their moral hell on those least able to resist against it, children. The minds of the young are easily shaped and they have very few reference points and filters through which to assess moral messages, which is why parents do it for them. If those messages are coming from an authority figure who is meant to be trusted, then the betrayal is all the more disgusting. Make no mistake, this is the emotional and mental equivalent of physical abuse and it’s being perpetrated by the state with your money funding it to the tune of $44 million.

The questions for Daniel Andrews are, “At what point do your powers end? Do you believe there is any limit on your authority?”

If the Premier believes his teachers can prescribe contraceptives to 11 year old girls, what’s next? What other medical treatments can your government give without parental consent? Can you give gender reorientation classes to ten year olds? How about hormone replacement therapy? Can students be placed into sensitivity training where it’s explained to them how the religious teachings of their parents are wrong and insensitive since this is essential to their mental health? Will they be placed into role playing classes where the latest ‘health’ issue has been cooked up by his bureaucrat zealots evangelising their gender identity schemes? If ‘health’ is the determining factor it can become the never ending rubber band that can be stretched to incorporate anything you want. Mental health, emotional health; the sky’s the limit in a realm of never ending inventiveness.

If you think it can’t happen, think again. No one would have dared contemplate a situation in this country fifteen years ago, where the state felt free to give contraceptives to 11 year old children. If they get away with this, there is virtually no restraint on what they will try in the future.

The message from the Andrews Labor Government is simple, “Parents, move out of your children’s lives. We’re the parents now.”

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Stephen Cable, BSc

Stephen Cable, BSc

Guest Writer

Stephen holds a degree in Construction Management from Newcastle University and works as a Quantity Surveyor in Brisbane. He has an intense interest in the ideological contest between freedom and control that dominates our social and political discourse. The benefits brought to humanity through the application of libertarian principles are legion with the application of free market systems, freedom of speech and smaller government. Stephen writes in a way to illustrate the philosophical genesis behind political and social events and how they impact your life and the life of those to come.

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