Silence is NOT an option!

This message is so dear to my heart. It was given at the launch (4 Nov 2018) of ‘Christians In Politics’, a grass roots self-organisation of some Christians in Newcastle concerned about how we can be better informed about and involved in the future of our nation – our neighbours.

Here’s what one person had to say after the event…

“Dave – very convicting message today. Awesome.

My husband and I arrived with the three noisy kids ????? I listened intently as my hubby took the children outside to play.

I felt so convicted, I have never been interested in politics but abortion has been a hot topic since school where I did a major research paper trying to convict my teacher ??

I took notes but also missed parts, is the recording available to listen to? Can I ask you for more info please? Specifically relating to the passage you read about what to write to everyone in my electorate? I would be so grateful to use your wording as a guide to email everyone!!! To encourage my loved ones to take action!

Thank you for the information today, it was excellent!

Regards, Em”

Can I please encourage you to share this video on your social media?

Also, if you would like me to come and speak to your gathering / meeting / organisation / church about being better informed and better involved in the critical issues of justice, liberty & family our society is tackling, please click here.


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