Join Topher and Sen Malcolm Roberts as they enjoy one of Topher’s signature ‘Slow Chats’.

Forget 10 second sound-bites and out-of-context ‘gotcha’ journalism, Topher likes his chats the same way he likes his cigars; slow, complex, and preferably with a little bit of spice to keep things interesting.

No one can predict where a Slow Chat will go, but Topher and Malcolm share common interest in topics spanning from the MDBA, the Bradfield Scheme, Human Rights, Climate Change, The Grand Solar Minimum, Covid 19, Vaccines, Lockdowns, the UN, and much much more.

So grab a mug of tea (or something a little stronger if you prefer) and settle in for a slow evening of thoughtful conversation as Topher enjoys a wide ranging and unpredictable Slow Chat with Senator Malcolm Roberts!

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Topher Field is an Australian Libertarian Political Commentator, film maker, and activist. Since 2009, Topher has been fighting the good fight for freedom of speech, small government, less tax, less red and green tape, and more freedom. For obvious reasons, he’s moving away from Big Tech and towards places like The Good Sauce!

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