Buried in the laudable goals of preventing domestic and family violence like a grenade in a care package, the Palaszczuk-Trad Qld Labor Government has announced they’re “making respectful relationships education compulsory in all Queensland state schools“.

Doesn’t “respectful relationships” sound like something a Christian culture should support? If you’re going to ignore the details and look no deeper, sure.

But research reveals the Respectful Relationships web page contains so many links to resources that include LGBTIQAX+ ideological propaganda and highly sexualised content that the program is irredeemable and cannot be salvaged. It must be junked in its entirety and entirely new people trusted to teach kids how to not hurt others (without brazenly indoctrinating them in rejection of traditional family values).

What could possibly go wrong when the government assumes authority to inculcate hotly contested ideas in our children, imposing them on our families? How do you think the status quo pressures kids to answer this question in the curriculum?

MYTH or FACT: “People are born as either male or female, and that’s how they should stay.

Of course, the true answer is the ‘wrong’ answer (according to government propaganda being shoved down our kids’ throats). And who wants their kids being shown this link with a video of a bunch of (legal) adults discussing their “empowering” experience sending sexual images of themselves via text message as part of a tax-payer funded government education?

How does this help prevent domestic and family violence?

Let’s elect politicians who will guarantee to bleach all curricula from this filth if elected and stop trangressing their authority and usurping the natural rights and role of parents to raise their children.

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