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From Victoria to the United States — the Constitution must prevail

There is a widespread and justifiable fear that Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ draft COVID-19 Omnibus legislation will transform Victoria into a police state. It will rely on informers and allow unlimited detention by selected apparatchiks on suspicion and without trial .

In our nation, a Federal Commonwealth under the Crown — a crowned republic ― it is appropriate to recall that it is the Crown which provides leadership beyond politics. The Crown is not a rubber-stamp; it is the ultimate constitutional guardian.

It would be timely for the Victorian Governor to remind the Premier in a private audience that among her reserve powers is the power to deny or delay assent to legislation, just as King George V did the British Prime Minister.

Australian media should report only news about Trump, not propaganda

Not only does Donald Trump again have an agenda vastly superior to his opponent, his supporters continue demonstrate something almost totally absent from the Biden camp – enthusiasm. And as I learned in the Australian republic referendum, when your grassroots offer enthusiasm in spades , forget that the other side is far better resourced, supported overwhelmingly by sitting politicians, other elites and the mainstream media juggernaut , its enthusiasm which counts.

This important fact is again being suppressed by the American mainstream media, who are no more than the propaganda arm of the captured Democrats. Just as they try to suppress the truth about the pillage by the Democrats’ military arm, the Marxist BLM and Antifa, even standing in front of looting and burning buildings claiming ‘’This is essentially a peaceful protest.’’

All this while their partisan polling, designed not to measure but to shape opinion, is made more inaccurate by the ‘shy Trump’ supporter who knows admitting to this can lead to dismissal and worse.

But why, after four years of relaying daily fabrication about Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia when the only collusion was from the other side, do the Australian media continue to repeat the obviously blatant lies about Trump fabricated for the election by the US mainstream?

Many outlets led with a story in the usual form beginning with the libel which is then softened. This has been along these lines: “Cancelling visit to war cemetery, Trump calls soldiers buried there ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’, sources allege. “

This was a ‘report’ in a Democrat owned journal hardly heard of in Australia, The Atlantic, under editor Jeffrey Goldberg’s by-line.

Goldberg claimed the story was based on four unnamed sources whose anonymity he respected for the ridiculous reason ‘they don’t want to be inundated with angry tweets and all the rest.’ To publish this 2-year-old story within days of the election without named sources would earn a stern rebuke from any ombudsman or press council. But what should earn Goldberg a censure in the very harshest terms is that he did not bother to check with the almost thirty people who were actually there and were prepared to go on the record.

What was utterly appalling and demonstrates that the story was a fabrication from beginning to end is that Goldberg didn’t ask the President’s enemy, John Bolton, who was also there. If the outburst had happened Bolton would have relished supporting the story. But he would not. And the records showed that the Army had cancelled the visit to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris in 2018 because the weather made a helicopter flight too dangerous, not because as Goldberg alleged, the President did not want his hair to get wet. So why did all the media here publish this selectively ignoring good news?

It’s like the Charlottesville lie repeated constantly by the American mainstream and now by Biden, when he claimed recently “Remember what the president said …there were, …very fine people on both sides” at a violent rally in Charlottesville. Biden claimed that was the moment when he knew he had to run for president.

The facts are that when he was asked about neo-Nazis at the rally, Trump said, “You had some very bad people in that group, but you also had people that were very fine people on both sides…..I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists because they should be condemned totally.”

The last sentence has, as if this were 1984, obliterated by the American mainstream. Nor did anyone in the mainstream report the true facts when they repeated Biden’s comment.

Fill the seat

The President’s recent North Carolina speech went on for two hours, much of it ad lib. And there wasn’t a moment when the vast audience wasn’t entertained and enthralled. Try to think of other politicians who could keep an audience excited over two hours. This is so different from the rare speeches by Biden in front of half a dozen journalists all masked and observing spacing, with Biden reading answers on a teleprompter, as fraudulent as Question Time can be in Canberra.

What was impressive that Trump took no notice of the timid commentariat who counselled against his making a nomination for the new vacancy on the Supreme Court, from his published list, the most important Part of his 2016 agenda, something which first attracted me to him.

This is important for Australians. Activist judges (politicians disguised as judges) are not elected and do not face election.

The Constitution is very clear. The President ‘shall‘ nominate and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, ‘shall‘ make an appointment. There is nothing about not making a nomination in an election year.

Of all 29 vacancies ever made in an election year, a nomination has been made. True, the Senate has not always consented, particularly when dominated by the other party.

That’s politics.

The RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) who say they will not support a nomination in the last year are only doing Trump a favour.

When it comes to the nomination, they should express their reservations. But then they should support Trump’s nomination.

With the degree of electoral fraud that the Marxists who now control the Democratic party have introduced into the election, it is crucial that the Supreme Court be ready to deal with this.

In the meantime, those outraged by the Supreme Court’s disgraceful invention of a constitutional right to abort, which has led to the killing of over 60 million babies including a disproportionate number of those of Afro-American origin, will come out to vote in record numbers. This will extend to Catholics and especially evangelicals, denominations which obviously cross racial lines.

The President was already winning; this will only increase the margin of his victory.

Click here for more info on how to take back your country.

Professor David Flint AM is an emeritus professor of law and was chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Authority and the Australian Press Council, president of the National Federation of the English Speaking Union, Associate Commissioner with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and convenor of the Committee of Australian Law Deans. He has been National Convenor of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy since the 1999 referendum campaign. He has authored books on topics such as the media, international economic law and on the Constitution. At Barcelona in 1991 he received a World Jurist Association award as World Outstanding Legal Scholar. He was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 1995. His Good Sauce show,Take Back Your Country, discusses the problems and solutions to the decay of federalism and democracy.

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