In a recent recorded  interview for The Epoch Times  with Senator Jim Molan, he lamented the fact that despite the quality and courage of those who serve, without American help, all we have is a one-shot defence. Without American support, he believes our excellent forces could not last more than a few days or, at a stretch, a few weeks.   

He knows what he is talking about. 

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He was such a respected general that in 2004 he was made Chief of Operations of the mainly American 170,000-strong Multinational Force in Iraq. Awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for ‘command and leadership in Iraq’ as well as the US Legion of Merit, few know the American military better and few are respected more by them, than Jim Molan.  

While the recent announced AUKUS alliance between the US, UK and Australia is reassuring, we should not continue to assume, even after attaining our full independence, that we will be saved from invasion by our great and powerful friends.  The most compelling reason for uniting the six self-governing colonies was, after all,  the defence of this realm.   

Unlike Israel which, with a smaller population, at times surrounded by enemies and at its narrowest point only fifteen kilometres wide, remains resilient and self-reliant, our politicians have ensured that our armed forces are neither large enough, lethal enough nor sustainable enough to defend the realm. 

While praising the present government for increasing their commitment, Molan warns that since the end of the Cold War, US capability has decreased in real terms by 30 to 50 per cent. Moreover, he says, leaked results of wargaming over Taiwan are not encouraging. But Molan does not think the communists would be ‘stupid enough’ to get involved in a war only over Taiwan. Rather he says they are very clever and, their fundamental aim is to get the Americans out of the Western Pacific. The Chinese, he says, are ‘fabulously’ well-armed, and anybody who thinks they are not is living in the past. Indeed in rocketry and missiles, he says, they are the best in the world.

Yeh, you really do want this

Asked whether their lack of experience in a major conflict since that with Vietnam in 1979 is relevant, he points out that we haven’t been involved in a serious naval operation since the end of the Korean War. 

On the emerging Beijing-Moscow-Tehran Axis, he recalls the recent 10,000 troop Russian-Chinese joint exercise, as well as the fact that with most of our fuel coming from the Gulf, and with less than 30-days fuel in the country and about the same on tankers heading here, Tehran is central not only to the sustainability of our armed forces but also to the delivery of food into the supermarkets. We probably have not been so vulnerable since the original penal settlement was perilously close to running out of food. 

I did not ask him about the politicians’ concentration on such idiocies as complying with the Paris Agreement on climate change while China builds up its industrial and military muscle. 

He states a shocking truth. 

We could defend ourselves; we (that is the politicians) just elect not to do so.

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Professor David Flint AM is an emeritus professor of law and was chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Authority and the Australian Press Council, president of the National Federation of the English Speaking Union, Associate Commissioner with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and convenor of the Committee of Australian Law Deans. He has been National Convenor of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy since the 1999 referendum campaign. He has authored books on topics such as the media, international economic law and on the Constitution. At Barcelona in 1991 he received a World Jurist Association award as World Outstanding Legal Scholar. He was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 1995. His Good Sauce show,Take Back Your Country, discusses the problems and solutions to the decay of federalism and democracy.

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