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Instead of conforming her worldview to the revealed Word of God, Magda Szubanski is deeply upset Christianity isn’t conformed to her worldview. She seems more than a little frustrated the Vatican empathised with those who suffer from unjust sentences, the Pope comparing their suffering to the popular persecution of Jesus with “obstinacy and rage even though He was innocent.” Such language vividly describes the vendetta prosecuted by the ABC, Victorian legal system and irrational masses baying for Cardinal George Pell’s blood.

The facts of that case and Pell’s trial by media aside, Szubanski’s indignant feelings are typical of the ancient human religion of self supremacy. I say ancient because similarly it was feelings not facts which historically led Jewish sheeple to be so easily provoked into demanding the crucifixion of an innocent Man.

To be clear for the sake of those given to reading between the lines things neither said nor intended, I am not comparing George to Jesus. The easily observed similarities are between the lynch mobs attending such spectacles led by Pharisees then and those which are lead by holier-than-thou celebrities like Magda Szubanski and politicians like Daniel Andrews now.

The holier-than-thou Pharisees were also offended by Jesus’ teachings. Jesus advised, “Ignore them. They are blind guides leading the blind, and if one blind person guides another, they will both fall into a ditch.

That’s good advice, because modern Pharisees are in just such a ditch, worshipping Hollywood Jesus. Hollywood Jesus is an idol crafted by weird celebrities to look like them and meet their capricious approval. Hollywood Jesus didn’t clearly affirm the exclusive definition of marriage as it was since the beginning like the historical, real Jesus. Hollywood Jesus has torn out the parts of the Old and New Testament detailing sins of sexual immorality.

Hollywood Jesus didn’t tell the woman caught in sexual immorality to stop sinning, he stopped short of an actual moral boundary after saying, “Neither do I condemn you.” And of course, immediately prior when real Jesus had invited perfect people to have the first go at her public, literal execution, Hollywood Jesus was the real hero because he wouldn’t even let those old men have an opinion on the difference between right and wrong.

Hollywood Jesus simply says love is love, and doesn’t care that actually doesn’t mean anything at all. He’s happy for you to “live your own truth, man.”

So I understand why Szubanski is offended by a unanimous decision of the highest court in the nation that there was, “a significant possibility that an innocent person has been convicted.” Hollywood Jesus simply believes guilt and innocence is measured by the individuals’ comparative scores on the Relative Power Index. There is almost no one else at the rarified heights of power as an old, white, Christian, male with a powerful position in a powerful organisation, and so any accuser must be simply believed without objective consideration of the facts.

Real Jesus is obsessed with objective Truth and real justice. It becomes clear by the demonstration of her religion which Jesus Magda is following. It’s becoming clear to her too that she really has no fellowship with the values of historical Christianity.

I’ve downloaded the form to formally defect from the Catholic Church. I am seriously thinking of sending it. Is that what it takes to make them understand? Do I have to formally renounce the faith of my ancestors; that I grew up in?

The important question is what faith? This question is of critical importance because real Jesus identified not only can people be mislead by others and end up in a ditch, but many who could’ve sworn they were true disciples were all the while complete strangers to Him. How tragic to be led astray and find out too late!

What makes one a Christian, a devoted follower of the real Jesus Christ, is true repentance and complete submission of our will to His. We don’t get an opinion or vote on His design for marriage, we don’t get to stand in self-supremacist judgement of His Holy Word. We either conform or rebel. Picking and choosing is complete apostasy. We either humbly agree with Him entirely or arrogantly contradict Him, regardless of occasional agreement.

Real Jesus taught those who proudly carry on in their sin, wilfully breaking God’s laws as if God is wrong and they know better are not Christians at all and never were. Unrepentant sinners are strangers to Christ, denominational paperwork and “faith of our ancestors” not withstanding. My heart breaks for her spiritual blindness as well for those she influences, and I pray Magda has a life-changing encounter with the real Jesus before she meets Him in the next life.

Such people should urgently choose to become genuine followers of real Jesus, destroy the false idols they’ve been worshipping, or just end the charade and stop confusing others about Who Jesus really is.


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