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First we saw violent riots and looting. And then we saw statues pulled down by the mob. The response? “Defund the police.” And a nonchalant ‘who cares’ from Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi is third in line to the President and the most powerful Democrat in America.

Lest you shrug your shoulders because all of this happened in America, this nonsense is spreading in Australia too.

We’ve seen the first outbreaks of violence. And even woke professional sporting codes have sent a message that everyone must submit.

Whatever your political persuasion, it is inevitably true that whatever happens in America will affect Australia. Indeed, as you just saw, we’re already taking a knee in support of a protest movement in America that channels its funding through ActBlue – an organisation that exists only to raise money for America’s version of the Labor Party and that has donated billions to radical leftist and socialist candidates.

One way or the other, the civil war in the United States over the soul of Western civilisation will be felt here. Indeed, anyone with eyes to see knows that we are already in this civil war too.

On one side are those who would tear down the West and replace it with literally anything else. If this side wins, we’ll get that dangerous anything else too. I’ll get to that at the end of this video. This side supports things like open borders and decries you as racist if you are concerned that anti-freedom and violent philosophies are being imported into our nation.

This side also hypocritically supports COVID-19 lockdowns for everyone – except radical leftist protesters – and believes that the state should lock you up for eating kebabs in a park while releasing violent criminals onto the streets. It has a hatred for the conventional nuclear family and even concepts like the fact that a mother is a woman. This side is comprised of revolutionaries and anarchists.

On the other side are those who believe that the West, based on its Christian principles and philosophies, has brought the highest ideals of civilisation to the world. This side believes that the West has far more to celebrate than condemn and that it has provided families and nations with freedom and prosperity. This side is comprised of patriots, those who seek Truth and justice and those who love and value freedom and order.

I know which side I’m on.

It’s pretty clear which side President Trump is on as well. On the 3rd of July US President Donald Trump gave one of the most remarkable speeches of any major world leader in recent history. [Watch & listen for four minutes from 0:25:12]

That speech was remarkable for two reasons. Firstly because of what Trump said, and secondly because Trump had the courage to say it. Let’s go through each point in a little detail.

Until five minutes ago what Trump said in itself would have generated more yawns than raised eyebrows, even if it has been clear for some time that the attack on Western civilisation that we are living through had been unleashed.

It has been accepted by politicians from all political backgrounds that open debate was necessary. That those who work in law enforcement should be respected. That there is a right to self-defence. No one argued that the flag, the nation and its history should not be celebrated. Even acknowledging God was ingrained in a civilisation that knew that its progress, principles and philosophies were derived from Christianity.

All of these things were so taken for granted that the only people who opposed them were immediately, and rightly, recognised to be dangerous extremists. So politicians from all persuasions firstly stood on a united ticket on these principles.

Then they gave them lip service, and then they forgot to speak about them altogether.

That is why speeches from presidents and prime ministers have focused on things like tax cuts, economic agendas and foreign policy priorities. But all of that has changed, and quickly. The crisis has arrived.

So firstly it is remarkable that an American President has even found himself in a situation where he had to give a speech defending the very bedrock of Western civilisation’s principles against attack from within.

Secondly it was Donald Trump who gave this speech. No one else could. It is a testament to the character and courage of this man. Trump is a man with a complex background. I must admit that I remain sceptical as to whether he truly believes what he says and whether he has the capacity to defend what he believes.

But it appears that Donald Trump, albeit imperfect, has changed his views from those held by liberal revolutionaries to those championed by conservative counter-revolutionaries. Regardless right now, someone needed to give the speech that Trump gave. Yet no one else has had the courage to do it even as this crisis has been spiralling out of control.

No major conservative leader in the world has been prepared to say what Trump just did. I just ask you, could you imagine Scott Morrison saying the basic things that Trump just did? No. We all know that Malcolm Turnbull never would. And even Tony Abbott baulked at speaking with Trump’s clarity, directness and simplicity.

This highlights the oppressive environment we live in and the loser-like mentality of the majority of the conservative class who have spent so much of their lives trying to avoid the criticism of the radical left that they have forgotten how to fight.

Trump, if nothing else, has shown us how we need to fight.

Of course, the reaction to Donald Trump’s speech has been confected outrage and sheer deceit. Mainstream media organisations have claimed that Trump is fanning racial hatred, even though he defended the values of a nation that millions have flocked to from all corners of the globe for its opportunities.

Trump defended the legacy of a nation that defeated Hitler and Communist Russia. America, for all its faults, has been a shining light for this world. It played a huge role in the defence of Australia in World War Two. Without a strong United States our lives would have been altered and far for the worse. Without a strong United States into the future, we face just as much danger.

The level of hatred from the elites, the media, high society, one whole side of politics and much of the other for Donald Trump is so great that it now seems obvious that these people would happily see America destroyed just to remove him from office.

The American justice and intelligence system was politically corrupted to spy on Trump during the 2016 election and a false and fake Russian hoax conspiracy was used to destabilise his Presidency. The senior US military officer has apologised for being in a photo taken of President Trump. Former US military officers are openly writing articles calling on the US military to defy Donald Trump’s orders.

This may all be a phase and order may be restored. But, I think, we all know that worse is yet to come. It is impossible to know just what is around the corner. But we do know that the Communist Chinese regime will be rubbing its hands with glee. It should come as no surprise that while America is gripped in turmoil, China is cracking down on freedom in Hong Kong.

If America continues to collapse, this danger will come much closer to Australia. But we should remember, if that hell does come, it will be only because Western civilisation self-destructed first. But that has not happened completely yet. For that reason alone, all Australians have a vested interest in the success of Donald Trump.

God bless him.

Bernard Gaynor is a decorated veteran of three deployments to Iraq with the Australian Army serving with military intelligence specialising in Arabic language and culture. A Catholic conservative with the courage to speak up when totalitarian political-correctness demands silence, he is deeply interested in the loss of values in modern society and its impact on all aspects of life. He is prepared to breach enemy lines with valour to defend Australia’s traditional way of life, particularly on the political and cultural fronts.

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