Bill Muehlenberg recently wrote a helpful review of “The Case Against Socialism” by Rand Paul.

As he observes in it, “Today there are far too many Westerners… who are seemingly oblivious to the historical record concerning socialism.”

This is the story of an evil well documented and yet still somehow enticing, even in America. This is the story of socialism in all its drab and dreary machinelike destruction of individual thought, creativity, and ambition. This is the story of socialism in all its violence, bloodshed, and tyranny. It is a cautionary tale of how America has so far eluded the siren call of something for nothing, of an equality determined and enforced by government – but also of how close we still are to succumbing to socialism.

The review is insightful, and worth reading (after you’ve watched the above interview)!

Learn all you can about the history of various ideas and philosophies, and side by side comparisons in the real world so by remembering we can avoid repeating the worst of humanity’s mistakes and not fall prey to the beguiling enticements of ignorant ideologues.

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