Far from truly “secular” which used to mean the government neither imposed nor impeded personal beliefs, there is now an observable state-imposed belief system & worldview, and it’s fundamentally anti-Christian. Authentic Christianity is actually heretical to the political priests of relativism.

As in the days of Ancient Rome where worship of Caesar was expected and worship of Jesus was political rebellion, failing to actively celebrate sexual & gender confusion is to be singled out for persecution and intolerance.

Teachers are being sent the below propaganda in one particular school. Many if not most schools will be sending similar instructions or in other ways establishing a toxic & intimidating workplace for anyone refusing to celebrate sexual & gender confusion. The ATO, police and other government employees will likewise be coerced to conform their beliefs to the state religion.

The increasing challenge is for men & women of character to witness that Caesar is not lord at all: that love for all individuals equally does not require celebration of sin or denial of Truth (biology).

“Dear Staff,
The Leadership team have organised our school to be part of Wear it Purple Day. Wear it Purple strives to foster supportive, safe, empowering and inclusive environments for rainbow young people. Rainbow young people includes all the LGBTIQ+ students we have here at school. LGBTIQ+ is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Intersex or Queer. There are heaps of these students here at school. Some of them you may know are LGBTIQ+, some of them you may not. Some of these students may know they are and chose not to be out. Some of these students may not know yet that they are.
The leadership team and myself are asking that you wear purple, or some purple on Thursday. The official day is Friday, but we are on holiday then so we decided to hold it Thursday.
By wearing purple you send a really strong message to our students that school is a safe inclusive place. This is a powerful thing for our students who maybe struggling with their sexuality.
We are also raising the Rainbow flag, which will also send a message about Pride.
Please read the notices regarding this tomorrow.
I look forward to seeing all staff in some purple. I also have heaps of QLD Govt Rainbow lanyards if you don’t have one or would like another come and see me.
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