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How does a democracy die? It dies on the altar of a supposed Utopia, much to the cheers of the misled masses.

This has always been how totalitarians gained power – in Germany, Russia, China, Iran, Cuba – brutal dictators and their murderous supporters seized power on a promise of undoing a past wrong, manipulating the masses to support policies that ultimately compromised their liberty because it was all for a supposed ‘greater good’.

Today, history is repeating itself in Australia.

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The left-wing Albanese Labor government, acting on the orders of the globalist oligarchs, is trying to rig a referendum that will make drastic changes to the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia, and heavily compromise the nation’s sovereignty and ability to function as a democracy.

That referendum, if successful, will set up a racially-based constitutional body that (despite protests from so-called ‘fact-checkers’) many have rightfully said looks suspiciously like a third chamber of the Australian legislature, sitting alongside the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The premise is that will right the wrongs of the past by giving Aboriginal Australians a greater say in the affairs of the nation.

Like the totalitarians of old, they are promoting it as a ‘greater good’ that will help empower a section of society that have historically been marginalised.

However, neither the Albanese Labor government nor the crafters of this referendum proposal have the interests of Aboriginal Australians, nor Australia itself in mind when it comes to the ‘Voice’.

Rather, it is all a grand deception to allow oligarchs a means to seize our country’s land, waterways, and natural resources.  

Globalist Ties

As senior United Nations insider Calin Georgescu recently revealed, the international organisation that seemingly has a mission of promoting world peace actually is a front for the global oligarchs to propagate and enforce their agendas.

Enter Josephine Cashman, an Australian lawyer of Aboriginal ethnic heritage who formerly served in the then Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s Indigenous Advisory Council.

While there, she discovered a document that detailed the UN plot to use ‘indigenous rights’ as a front to hide their real intention to allow for a globalist takeover of its land and resources:

The main points are between 70 to 80 percent of Australia’s landmass by 2030 is expected to be under non-transferable native title and this means that only big business and big government can deal with it… This is really a mechanism for the UN crooks to steal our country and it’s not by accident the Native Title Act refers to the UN providing a mechanism for the UN crooks to push to end private property for working Australians.

– Josephine Cashman

However, this UN plan to weaken Western nations from within is not a new revelation.

Former Communist Party of Australia member turned whistle-blower, Geoff McDonald warned us as far back as the 1980s of how the Marxist’s failure to destroy the West by force resulted in a shift in their strategy that encompassed infiltration of the ‘indigenous rights’ agenda.

In the case of Australia, McDonald stated the country would be seriously compromised through a Marxist-appropriated Aboriginal movement which would eventually establish a separate Aboriginal nation under Communist domination.”

Through his Communist Party background, McDonald was privy to the plans of Marxist radicals; how they would hijack the Aboriginal cause, silence their ‘moderate elements,’ and use their grievances as a front to push for policies that only compromise Australian sovereignty and invite takeover by foreign elements.

In his book Red Over Black: Behind the Aboriginal Land Rights Movement, McDonald wrote:

The concept of a separate “nation” means exactly what it implies, the right to invite in foreign troops such as Robert Mugabe has done in Zimbabwe with his small army of highly trained troops from Communist North Korea. The proposed Aboriginal nation could claim the right-to seek aid from the United Nations, Vietnam or anywhere else.

– Geoff McDonald

In this book, McDonald revealed how ‘indigenous issues’ were weaponised by Marxists so as to invite intervention by foreign bodies such as the United Nations.

By seizing control of various government and media agencies, so McDonald said, Marxists could then purposefully spread misinformation, distort history, and amplify fake news to create grounds for foreign intervention and sabotage the long-term well-being of the nation from within.

ABC anyone?

Why would Marxists be so hellbent on a foreign takeover of the Australian nation?

Well for starters the vehicle designed for takeover — the United Nations — was entirely a Marxist creation and still runs a Marxist globalist agenda.

More so, a free and prosperous people, such as that which Australians once were, are an antithesis to the Marxist cause and they would rather destroy what they cannot control.  

McDonald, Cashman, and many other true insiders to this Leftist movement all share the same sentiment.

They believe those claiming to speak on behalf of the ‘indigenous voices’ are nothing more than frauds, banking on the lack of awareness of the common public to further the agenda of their true masters: the globalists, the bureaucrats, and corporate overlords who all have ill-design over Australia’s bountiful natural resources.

True Aboriginal voices are being repressed.

They are demanding the same as any other of their fellow countrymen; to live a dignified, free, and prosperous life which cannot happen if Australia gets divided and sold to the highest bidder.  

What it would mean for Australia

The control of a nation’s resources through the control of its government is nothing new; we have already seen extensive examples of this in many third-world countries.

It is primarily such foreign influence that has condemned many of those countries to remain poor and corrupt.

However, in the Western world, where once strong national identities, institutionalised state apparatus, and democratic systems of checks and balances flourished, a globalist takeover was greatly hindered.

And so, the globalist ‘elite’ have hoped to circumnavigate all of this by creating parallel societies within Western states to weaken them from within and lay a foundation for their eventual takeover.

The content of the so-called ‘Voice’ is left intentionally vague and ambiguous so as to deceive ordinary Australians of its true aims.

Indeed, a proponent of the ‘Voice’ can tactfully avoid scrutiny of the proposal, instead shifting attention by appealing to people’s emotions, of ‘undoing historic wrongs’ and ‘racial justice.’

But the reality is that the ‘Voice’ is a trojan horse aimed at paving the way for a nation within a nation.

It would further solidify racial tensions within the country that the leftist ‘useful idiots’ are so keen on enflaming on behalf of their globalist puppeteers.

It would also destabilise our state apparatus, with decision-making at all levels of government paralysed as the ‘Voice’ issues its proclamations on every law under the Sun and ‘activist’ judges then attempt to undermine the democratic process with legal jiggery-pokery, elevating those proclamations to the status of constitutional clauses.

Don’t believe me? Then take the words of eminent constitutional lawyer Professor Greg Craven of the Australian National University:

The Voice can comment on everything from submarines to parking tickets… It will be very difficult for the government to operate, either because it will be constantly delayed, tied up in knots or indeed because the courts end up intervening directly in the decision.”

– Prof. Greg Craven

Such a situation would further create legal grounds for the appropriation of some 70 percent of Australian land to native title.

This won’t be to the benefit of the Aboriginal people of Australia though but rather, it will finally open an opportunity for the global oligarch class to exploit our country with impunity and hold our economy hostage.

Indigenous representation, which many claim this proposal will enable, will instead be side-lined.

In its place would be a ‘managed’ class that supposedly claims to speak on their behalf but truly will be speaking only on behalf of their own self-interest and that of their corporate and globalist overlords.

We can draw this insight from the real-life example of Australia’s neighbour New Zealand.

They implemented a similar governance model to the ‘Voice’ termed ‘co-governance.’

It was supposed to reduce ethnic inequalities but worsened them instead.

It also made a small group of grifters exceptionally rich.

This small group now collectively leads billion-dollar enterprises but at the same time continues to drum the beats of oppression.

Since 2015, New Zealand has been experiencing an unprecedented and, some can even say, hostile takeover of its land, real estate, and resource by foreign companies.

Today, as it stands six of the 10 biggest landowners in New Zealand are foreign companies.

Just 4,500 people or 0.1 percent of the population own 50 percent of the land and their percentage of the total continues to increase rapidly each year.

With the ‘Voice’, Australia will be headed towards the same, harrowing future.

The enactment of the ‘Voice’ would be the enactment of the end to the Australian nation as we know it.

What we can do to stop it

At the tail end of the 2022 Australian federal election, the country’s nowPrime Minister Anthony Albanese said:“I am here to change the country; that is what I am going to do.

That wasn’t a vow. It was a threat.

How can supporters of a movement that is openly hostile to Western values, its culture, and heritage, ever think in the best interests of a Western nation?   

To Australia’s puppet Prime Minister, his government, his supporters, and the puppet masters in the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, the message must be clear:

Australia’s sovereignty is not for sale! Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever!

Australians must not let the globalist ‘elite’ take over their country.

This is the fight that Australians — Indigenous, white, black, Asian, and mixed — must have.

Those who call Australia home have a stake in safeguarding its future, for themselves, their loved ones, and their future descendants.

In all ways peacefully possible, Australians must encourage a majority NO vote in the referendum on the ‘Indigenous Voice to the Australian Parliament’.

To that end you can write to your local newspaper, share the truth on social media or via email to your family and friends, or invite neighbours over for a cup of coffee or a barbecue to discuss why the ‘Voice’ will destroy the nation.

Australians: do whatever you can to reveal the lies of our sold-out government and the ill designs they have for this country.

History is in the making and Australia has a choice to make.

It is a choice that will either result in the slavery of its people or a rekindling of the flames of liberty that was seen in the poor gold miners who rebelled against injustice at Eureka.

The time to act is now. It is up to all of us to MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE.

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George Christensen was a Member of Parliament from 2010 - 2022 who popularly represented the federal electorate of Dawson in north Queensland for the LNP, part of the Government coalition. He explores both the big philosophical questions of our time and current events from a conservative worldview. He comes from a farming family and his background is in journalism and business.

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