To a conservative colleague in despair and urging action

Dear Colleague,

Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill 2020

I have read the Bill carefully, as I did the Queensland Bill.

I know its evils. I understand its malign and epochal significance. 

However, the Victorian Bill will become law early next year and will not be amended in other than inconsequential ways and, then, only to cater for certain Upper House members actually very keen to vote for it but wanting to gesture some modicum of “reluctance” at doing so.

Andrews has no reason to compromise. He is a hard-core cultural marxist cadre surrounded by like-minded Ministers and a well-rewarded bureaucracy (including the police) who are as enthusiastic as he is about extinguishing the last flicker of Judeo-Christian influence in public policy and in the law itself. The Victorian and national media (with rare and somewhat erratic exceptions) never challenge him. The Victorian “public” submitted this year  to the most intrusive regulation of the personal lives of a citizenry in the history of Western democracies and did so when they well knew it was wholly unnecessary.  The Opposition is not merely feeble, disunited and impotent-it contains as many members as viciously anti-Christian and homosexualist in background as the government itself.

Why would they consent to alter one phrase in this Bill? What incentive is there for them to do so, however truthfully and competently and clearly we argue our case? They will not be persuaded. Hard core- leftists like them do not hearken unto truth or reason. 

What, then, is to be done?

We are obliged by conscience to oppose this new law as effectively as possible. And we are obliged never to comply with it, of course.

But how can we effectively respond to its passage through Parliament given the present political disposition as outlined above?

It seems to me that Christians and even their non-Christian conservative auxiliaries must take this chance to ensure the Liberal Party is eliminated as a viable political force. Any of us within the party must leave it. We must encourage those still within it to leave. We must persuade those who finance it and manage it to abandon it, as if it were a sinking ship on fire, which it is. We must ridicule and campaign against and expose the pusillanimity and faithlessness of its leadership. We must encourage its eminence grise (national and state) to abandon them : John Howard and Peter Costello to begin with. Do they want any legacy at all? This is the party that facilitated the desecration of the Marriage Act, and whose current leader, our Prime Minister, abstained from voting on the Bill that achieved that desecration!

There is a wonderful young woman in the Victorian parliamentary party who has more cajones than all the men in her party room put together and she must be assisted in leaving the Liberal Party as publicly and noisily and contentiously as possible. 

This particular fight on this Bill will be lost but much can be done to start upon the creation of a genuinely conservative opposition which would reflexively and based upon religious conviction and native principle fight to the death against Bills of this kind in future.

This is a very brief explication of the position I have come to after much reflection. I would be very happy to discuss it further with you and amplify my thinking.

It is not a worthy or even excusable policy to go through the motions of opposing an evil with allies whom we know will fail us.

Kind regards 

Stuart Lindsay.

Stuart Lindsay is a retired Federal Circuit Court judge who presided in more than two thousand Family Law Act cases and in many cases in other parts of the Commonwealth jurisdiction. He was admitted to the bar in 1981 and worked as a solicitor & barrister until being appointed to the Federal Circuit Court in 2004. He retired in 2014 to continue working as a barrister.

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